Jonathan’s Dream (An Adventure Novel) – Map of the Nether Realm of Myllanthar

Jonathan’s Dream (An Adventure Novel)

(Copyright 1984, Mark D. Jones, All Rights Reserved)

Map of the Nether Realm of Myllanthar


The Nether Realm of Myllanthar - Copyright 1984, Mark D. Jones, All Rights Reserved


The Nether Land of Myllanthar



1.  Sea of Kuhlarr or Great Northern Sea (far north) 

2.  Kingdom of Errayllor    

3.  Plains of Errayllor

4.  Ullryth Hills

5.  Ullryth Pond fed by Ullryth Creek

6.  River Rhayden or Stony Creek

7.  River Illandrith

8.  Dalharr or Land of Shadows

9.  River Thywin

10.  Nefyanll or Boundary Mountains of Nefyanll, Forlorn Crescent Mountain Range, Lost Range

11.  Nyllaythel or Nether Realm, Great Forest of the Nether Realm, Lost Realm

12.  Marshlands of the River Glynnthal

13.  The Cliffs of the River Illandrith that Majeka and Jonathan jumped off

14.  Foothills of the Tregarron Mountains

15.  Glandwr

16.  Mirror Lake

17.  Tywyn or Hidden Place

18.  Mount Rhayander

19.  Tregarron Mountain Range or Tregarron Mountains, Tregarron Range

20.  Kingdom of Dorrimar

21.  High Mountain Pass of Dorrimar

22.  Sea of Pulthyar or Great Southern Sea (far south)

23.  Direction the Journey will follow

24.  Barren Hills

25.  Kingdom of Nierron