Jonathan’s Dream (An Adventure Novel) – Map of the Land of Myllanthar

Jonathan’s Dream (An Adventure Novel)

(Copyright 1984, Mark D. Jones, All Rights Reserved)

Map of the Land of Myllanthar


Map of the Land of Myllanthar - 11-01-13, Mark D. JonesMap of the Land of Myllanthar - 10-31-2013, Mark D. Jones

(Note – My new map (top) reflects the curving nature of the mountain ranges that my first attempt (bottom) failed to represent.)


Map of the Land of Myllanthar



1.  Island of Ayall

2.  Sea of Kuhlarr

3.  City of Sojar

4.  Land of Sojar

5.  River Sojar

6.  Marshlands of Sojar

7.  Kingdom of Nierron

8.  Wastelands of Fell Ignar or Kriegareth

9.  Sylthar Wood

10.  Kingdom of Errayllor

11.  City of Errayll

12.  Plains of Errayllor

13.  River Rhayden or Stony Creek

14.  Ullryth Pond fed by Ullryth Creek in the Ullryth Hills and location of the former Kingdom of Ullryth

15.  River Illandrith

16.  Dalharr or Land of Shadows

17.  River Thywin

18.  Nefyanll or Boundary Mountains of Nefyanll, Forlorn Crescent Mountain Range, Lost Range

19.  Nyllaythel or Nether Realm, Great Forest of the Nether Realm, Lost Realm

20.  Marshlands of the River Glynnthal

21.  River Glynnthal 

22.  Foothills of the Tregarron Mountains

23.  High Mountain Pass of Dorrimar, Tregarron Mountain Range or Tregarron Mountains, Tregarron Range, Mount Rhayander, Tywyn or Hidden Place, Mirror Lake, Glandwr

24.  Trevareth or Desolation Pass

25.  Barren Hills 

26.  Tregarron Mountain Range or Tregarron Mountains, Tregarron Range

27.  Kingdom of Dorrimar

28.  Dorrimar Mountains or Dorrimar Range

29.  River Allonyl

30.  Kingdom of Ellberron

31.  Nomadic Slejuv People in the Tregarron Mountains

32.  City of Allonyl

33.  Bay of  Ellberron

34.  City of Ellonyl

35.  Ellberron Mountains of Ellberron Range

36.  Pengarth Mountains or Pengarth Range

37.  City of Cullayl

38.  City of Dahyll  

39.  Kingdom of Kardune

40.  City of Kardune

41.  City of Ullsk

42.  City of Kuhlar

43.  Kingdom of Pengarth

44.  Inland Sea of Pengarth

45.  River Pengarth

46.  City of Penmarth (Note: The location needs to be moved south of the Tregarron Mountains halfway towards the River Pengarth and a little inland on a partial bay.  The River Myuthall runs from just southeast of Castle Penmaryll (in the western portion of the city), paralleling the coastline to where the Tregarron Mountains meet the Sea of Tollvar.  The location number 46 on the map now, is where the ancient, abandoned Fortress of Skulvarr Fell is actually located. 

47.  Island Fortress of Tyull

48.  City of Rhyll

49.  City of Talgarth and the Inland Sea of Talgar  

50.  Kingdom of Talgar

51.  River Khyll

52.  City of Khyll

53.  Talgar Mountains or Talgar Range

54.  Sea of Pulthyar

55.  Sea of Tollvar