My Book – Jonathan’s Amazing Adventures: Book Two – Jonathan’s Return (An Adventure Novel)

Here’s an excerpt from my second book in the trilogy: Jonathan’s Amazing Adventures: Book Two – Jonathan’s Return (An Adventure Novel)

“Jonathan lowered the note onto his lap, staring wide-eyed across his room in disbelief thinking, A dragon?  Me?  Quickly?  He couldn’t believe what he had just read – but if they were all depending on him, somehow he’d find a way back to Myllanthar – for it was his duty as a Knight of Pengarth…

‘They think I can slay the dragon,’ thought Jonathan as he looked down at Sammy, who just then raised his head to look at him in a knowing way.  Of course, it would be a great adventure to slay a dragon and just the sort of adventure he’d normally be excited to take, but slaying a dragon was a tad bit outside even Jonathan’s comfort zone!  Jonathan pondered the idea for a moment and made his decision – if they needed his help to slay a dragon, then a dragon slayer he’d be!”

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