Jonathan’s Wish (An Adventure Novel) – Book Three, Chapter One, Part Ten

Jonathan’s Wish (An Adventure Novel)

(Copyright 1984, Mark D. Jones, All Rights Reserved)

Book Three, Chapter One, Part Ten


“Now that you put it that way, Gramps – that I need to learn what they do teach me in school to create new worlds – then that’s what I’ll do!  I’ll not only learn what they teach me, but I’ll be the best student I can be!  I want to create new worlds beyond my imagination that people have never seen before, so I guess I need to learn everything I can in order to do that.  Is that right?  But, Gramps, how do I teach myself the rest of what I need to know that school doesn’t teach me?”

The farmhouse was in clear view across the wheat field as Jonathan, David and Sammy returned from their hike into the back forty.  “You’re exactly right, Jonathan,” began David.  “Your focus should be on becoming the best student you can be, in order to learn everything you can, because you never know when you’ll need something they’ll teach you to build your own worlds.  Our world is such a big place, and changing so quickly, that you can’t even imagine what the future will hold.  After all, it’s 1960 now, and before you know it everything will be invented brand new, and the world will be a completely different place.  So not only do you have to be a top student, but you need to be a student for life, because learning is so important that it should never stop over the entire course of your lifetime, Jonathan.”

“You mean, I should be a student for my whole life, Gramps?  How does that work?” asked Jonathan, not really grasping the concept.

“Why, yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying, Jonathan.  You need to be a lifelong student, but not all of your learning has to take place in school.  You should try to learn from everything you do, see, hear and read – especially from other people’s experiences, both good and bad.  That way, you can try to avoid making the same mistakes they made, and you can use the positive things they’ve learned without having to repeat the same lessons.  They’re called ‘lessons learned’ – both positive and negative – which is the quickest way to learn useful knowledge.  One of the most important things you can do is to read as often as possible, and from as many different kinds of books as you can.  You never know when and where you’ll pick up useful information that you can later use to create your own worlds.  Your goal is to learn at least something about everything under the sun, in order to give yourself a very broad foundation of knowledge.  At the same time, you’ll need to actually try to do as many different things in life as you can, because experience is just as important – and sometimes more so – than knowledge is.  If you dedicate your life to learning, you’re going to be able to create new worlds beyond your imagination, and beyond space and time, that our world has never dreamed of, Jonathan!”

“Well, the next time Mom and I go to the library, I’ll check out lots of different kinds of books to read.  She’ll be surprised when I tell her I’ll be the best student ever in third grade when it starts up in a couple of weeks – she won’t believe it, Gramps!” exclaimed Jonathan proudly.

“That’s the spirit, Jonathan, you’re on the right track now!  I’ll be leaving in the morning to return to Minnesota, Lad, and it’s good to know you’re well on your way to not only traveling beyond space and time, but also to learning as much as you can to create the most amazing new worlds someday.  Remember, everything you want and desire lies on the far side of your imagination, Jonathan – everything’s possible, and I have faith that you’ll achieve all your dreams one day!”

The three adventurers finally reached the farmhouse’s back porch, and stopped for a couple of minutes to properly greet Trooper again before going into the kitchen.  Sammy decided to hang out for a while with Trooper, having spotted the fresh dog food and water prepared for them both.  As Jonathan and David entered the kitchen, Julia was preparing dinner by the sink, while discussing memories with Thomas at the kitchen table.  In that moment, as they paused to greet the two wanderers returning home from their day hike, there was a knowing look of understanding that passed between the four of them.  It was a look in their eyes that not only went beyond words – but it went beyond space and time as well…

(End of Chapter One)


Jonathan’s Wish (An Adventure Novel) – Book Three, Chapter One, Part Nine

Jonathan’s Wish (An Adventure Novel)

(Copyright 1984, Mark D. Jones, All Rights Reserved)

Book Three, Chapter One, Part Nine


Jonathan and David left the egg-shaped stone in the middle of the clearing and began retracing their footsteps back towards the farmhouse.  They enjoyed finishing what was left of their chocolate chip cookies along the way, and gave Sammy the rest of his dog treats.  David began the discussion saying, “You know, Jonathan, I understand your feelings about school, because I felt the same way when I was your age.”

“You did, Gramps?  I thought I was the only one who didn’t like school.  My teachers don’t understand adventuring, and don’t teach anything about imagination at all.  I’ve learned more with you here today, than in all of second grade.  Why can’t my teachers teach me what I want to learn – like traveling to the far side of imagination beyond space and time?”

“Well, it’s probably because they don’t know how, Jonathan.  We all know things that others don’t know very much about, but that’s not your teachers’ fault.  They have a difficult job to do.  They’re there to teach you the basics of learning, so you can in turn, teach yourself what you don’t learn in school.  In my day, my teachers made fun of my wanting to travel beyond space and time to create new worlds.  They ridiculed it, because they didn’t, and couldn’t understand.  It wasn’t really their fault that they were unable to grasp the concept, because they didn’t know it was possible to travel beyond space and time.  After that, I tuned out in school, and only did the minimum I needed to do to graduate.”

Gramps continued, “It was later in life, that I realized it was the wrong approach to take, Jonathan.  In my day, I managed to overcome in life what I didn’t learn and pay attention to in school, but the world has advanced so much since then, and you can’t afford to get left behind.  After all, it’s 1960 now, and they say people will travel into space one day, and maybe walk on the moon, too.  Who knows?  In my time, aviation went from the Wright Flyer to modern spaceflight, and I was lucky to get in on the ground floor and fly all over the world.  But you live in a different age, Jonathan.  The world is changing so fast, that if you don’t apply yourself in school, you’ll get left behind.”

“But how can I follow my dreams, Gramps, if they don’t teach me the things I want to learn in school?  They never teach us about adventure, and don’t understand traveling between worlds.  Why should I pay attention to my teachers if they can’t teach me anything I want to learn?” pleaded Jonathan.

“Because you need to know what they will teach you, Jonathan.  The world is too big to not learn the things they teach.  You simply have to teach yourself everything they don’t know anything about.  They’ll teach you reading, writing and mathematics – which you have to learn in order to teach yourself anything else.  They’ll later teach you biology, physics, chemistry, geography, social studies, English, foreign languages, creative writing, literature, poetry, business, government, algebra, trigonometry, calculus, statistics, astronomy, economics, music, drama, debate, choir, theater, art, physical education and sports, health, religion, history, design, psychology, vocational training and so much more, depending on what you decide to study in college.  You can’t learn everything on your own, Jonathan.”

“But how do I learn what I’m interested in the most, Gramps?”

“There’s two things, Jonathan.  First of all, you need to learn everything you can in school, in order to create your own world beyond space and time.  The reason it took me months and months of constant work to create Myllanthar, is because I had to build my new world from scratch.  I had to draw on all the skills, talents and knowledge that I’ve learned in my entire life to be able to do that.  You’re not even nine years old yet, and you still have so much to learn and to know, and much of that school will teach you.  At this point in your life, you don’t even know what you don’t know, nor the skills you’ll need to build your own world.  Secondly, you’ll need to teach yourself everything they don’t teach you in school that you desire to know.  The problem is, you need the foundation of all the education and knowledge that school will teach you, in order to be able to teach yourself what they don’t or can’t teach you.  The reason you need to pay attention and do well in school, is because they teach you the tools you’ll need to teach yourself.  It’s really true, Jonathan, and if I’d been smarter at your age, I would have known that it’s important to do well in school.”

“You mean I have to do well in school to create my own worlds, Gramps?” asked Jonathan.

“Yes, you need to work very hard in school to create most everything you want to do in life, Jonathan, even to create your own worlds beyond space and time on the far side of imagination.  Your teachers don’t have to know about your projects, but you have to know what they’ll teach you, Jonathan.  It’s not easy to build new worlds.  It’s very hard work, and you’ll need to draw from every last bit of knowledge that you can squeeze into your mind.  You need to know something about every subject under the sun, in order to travel beyond the stars – it’s that important, Jonathan!”

Jonathan’s Wish (An Adventure Novel) – Book Three, Chapter One, Part Eight

Jonathan’s Wish (An Adventure Novel)

(Copyright 1984, Mark D. Jones, All Rights Reserved)

Book Three, Chapter One, Part Eight


“How can that be, Gramps?” asked Jonathan.  “Our first adventure to Myllanthar was when Sammy knocked me over on the tractor path beside the cornfield, but it seemed like I was gone for ages.  Our second adventure started after my foot went through the apple crate in the cellar and I fell over.  Again, it seemed I was gone forever.”

“It’s simple, Jonathan.  In both cases your mind was focused on adventure through the use of your imagination.  Sammy’s so connected to you and the adventures you both love, that the two of you are of the same mind in many ways.  Those two sudden and unexpected incidents caused your consciousness to leave immediately, instead of having encouraged it to depart.  Once you’ve gone beyond space and time, there’s no concept of distance or time to reference.  A single second on earth can expand into a thousand years when outside our understanding of what time is.  The same goes for distance.”

David continued, “When I first transitioned my thoughts and consciousness beyond my mind – traveling to the other side of imagination – I was initially in a dark place with only my awareness.  After a while, it seemed I was on the far side of everything there ever was.  A saw our universe like a thick sheet of glass extending into the distance, with countless stars and galaxies immersed within it.  Our entire universe was condensed two-dimensionally within what appeared to be a single sheet of glass, and I was on the outside at some distance away viewing it,” explained David.

Continuing, he said, “As I was floating outside our universe, I then imagined another world intersecting it perpendicularly, like a second plate of glass passing through it.  As I thought of this, a flat plane like glass did exactly as I had imagined – but instead of being filled with galaxies and stars like our universe was – it was transparent and empty.  It was then that I realized I would have to create this new world myself.  As I pondered how to create a new land within this sheet of empty glass, the notion came to me that ‘my-land-there’ or ‘my-lan-thar’ would first need a name, and the name ‘Myllanthar’ popped into my awareness.  This was the beginning of creating the world you visited, and the one we both love.  I recalled an adventure I once took through the idyllic land of Wales, and was inspired to write a poem about this new world I would create.”


An Ode to Myllanthar

In a land so dear,

and, alas, so far…

There’s a place,

where my heart dwells…

That exists,

beyond stars…


In a distant valley,

of green fields, and dreams…

A tale of wonder,

idyllic, but true…

You may think it mere wishes,

an enchantment, it seems…


A vision beyond time,

in a land, that’s afar…

My soul aims to linger,

beside waters, so clear…

To rest while I’m able,

in the land of, Myllanthar…


A caretaker of dreams,

a weaver, of tales…

Some say I’m a dreamer,

and under, some spell…

Yet, one day I did visit,

A land, they call Wales…


For that was my pattern,

my template, of dreams…

To build on that beauty,

an enchantment of wonder…

Of green fields and valleys,

of mountains, and streams…


I’ve tried,

to remain thoughtful…

To my visions,

and dreams…

To this spirit within me,

the one named, Myllanthal.


“That was the beginning of my efforts to create this new world and vision that I held in my heart, Jonathan.  I recalled a beautiful valley in Wales that was lovely beyond belief, and all my memories of that land formed the template of what I would create in Myllanthar – but it would take many, many months  to complete,” recalled David.

“Do you think I could create a world of my own someday, Gramps?  Sammy and I would love that!” Jonathan exclaimed.  “We have lots of ideas from our own adventures, it would be perfect!”

“You sure could, Jonathan, with more experience.  It took me such a long time to create Myllanthar, and I had the benefit of many more years of learning and experience to work from.  For now, I recommend visiting Myllanthar as often as you can.  You will gain lots of expertise at traveling beyond space and time, which is what you need prior to creating an entirely new world of your own – but one day you can do it.  You’ve already demonstrated the ability to travel between worlds, but first you need to practice doing it whenever you want to, because it takes lots of effort and trips to build an entire world.  Eventually, you’ll become very good at just closing your eyes to free your thoughts and release your consciousness to travel beyond space and time.  Once you can do this anytime and anywhere you want, you’re ready to create your own world!”

“I’ll start practicing right away, Gramps – can we go there now?” queried Jonathan.

“Right now your mother’s expecting us back soon, Jonathan, but while we walk back to the house we can talk about school.  You’ll have a new fondness for school before we reach the house, I promise…”


Jonathan’s Wish (An Adventure Novel) – Book Three, Chapter One, Part Seven

Jonathan’s Wish (An Adventure Novel)

(Copyright 1984, Mark D. Jones, All Rights Reserved)

Book Three, Chapter One, Part Seven


“We begin with the process of navigating through your mind, Jonathan, because for me, I’ve always followed a single path to go beyond my imagination.  You may use a similar pathway, and there could also be a different way that you’ll discover for yourself – but this is my process.  The first step is get into a mindset that I’ll call the ‘zone.’  It’s when you’re doing or thinking about something so intensely and you’re so focused on it, that you lose all awareness of time.  When you’re concentrating hard like this, time doesn’t seem to exist, and you even forget to do things like eat.  Have you ever found yourself so immersed in what you’re doing, that this has ever happened to you, Jonathan?” began David, starting his explanation of how to travel beyond and between worlds.

“I have, Gramps, lots of times!  It happens every time Sammy and I go adventuring, and we never return home on time.  We could easily go all day and not pay attention to anything except for the adventure we’re on.  Mom always has a few words to say when we return late, but I really think she understands.  She says lots of serious words about returning home on time and things like that, but then she gives us something to eat because she can’t ever stay angry with us,” replied Jonathan thoughtfully.

Gramps continued, “Good, because this zone is the beginning of traveling between worlds for me.  Once you realize you’re in this zone, you can transition into the second phase of the process.  With experience, you can go from a normal day into this mental zone almost at will.  At this point, you simply allow your thoughts to float freely.  I think of my own thoughts as floating ever higher towards the top of my head.  You may find a different technique that works better for you.  Once you recognize you’re in this zone, Jonathan, just let your thoughts float on their own.  Has this ever happened to you?”

“Well, sometimes at night when I’m thinking instead of sleeping, I’ve imagined myself floating out of my body when I’ve been very still for a long period of time.  I almost think I’m lifting off my bed, but I don’t think it really happens, it just feels that way,” explained Jonathan, trying to describe his feelings.

“That’s the same process I’m describing, Jonathan,” replied David.  “You see, we’re normally aware of our thoughts within our minds as we’re thinking them, almost like we can ‘see’ them visually.  However, when we’re thinking or imagining ideas to ourselves, these thoughts and images travel independently through our minds.  It’s like they’re swirling around inside our heads.  This second phase is the process of seeing thoughts and images within your mind.  Do you know what this is like, Jonathan?”

“Oh sure, Gramps, I have thoughts, ideas and pictures floating around in my head all the time – especially in school when I daydream and look out the windows.”

“Good, Jonathan.  We’ll talk about school on our way back to the house, but that’s another subject.  For now, we’ll concentrate on describing our thoughts.  Once you’re aware of the thoughts and images swirling around your mind, the important thing is to focus on this sensation of floating like you’ve had before.  Sometimes closing your eyes helps with this, because you can see your thoughts better when your eyes are closed and you don’t have any distractions.  Once you can mentally see your thoughts, pictures and ideas swirling around in your mind, and begin to experience a sensation of floating, you simply release your thoughts from your mind.  What this effectively does, is to free your thoughts to go beyond your imagination – and beyond space and time.”

David continued, “This is critical, because once your thoughts are independent from your mind, you can begin the final phase.  You see, once your thoughts float freely beyond your mind, your consciousness must follow them.  It’s not enough to simply free your thoughts, but what’s needed is to free your awareness to go with them in what I call a ‘release.’  This ‘release’ is just ‘letting go’ to allow your consciousness to join your thoughts.  You continue this floating sensation until you’ve joined your thoughts outside your mind.  Your thoughts will evaporate on their own if your awareness doesn’t follow along with them.  It’s all very simple in practice, Jonathan.  You find your zone, allow your thoughts to float freely first in your mind and then beyond your mind and body, and then release your consciousness to join them.  At that point, you’re free of the confines of your body to travel between worlds.”

“What happens to the rest of me once my awareness floats free, Gramps?  What about my body?” questioned Jonathan.

“Traveling beyond space and time outside our world, Jonathan, takes just a blink of an eye.  It doesn’t matter how long you’re gone for in another world – days, weeks, months or years.  You appear to anyone else in our world to be lost deep in thought or daydreaming, that’s all.  Your body here remains the same and doesn’t notice that your awareness left for a second.  It’s your awareness that travels beyond the stars, beyond the universe, and beyond space and time…”

“Is that how Sammy and I traveled to Myllanthar before, Gramps?”

“Yes, Jonathan.  It takes but a heartbeat here on earth to experience an entire adventure beyond the stars – and to create new worlds to explore.  For a moment here on earth, can be an eternity beyond time…”


Jonathan’s Wish (An Adventure Novel) – Book Three, Chapter One, Part Six

Jonathan’s Wish (An Adventure Novel)

(Copyright 1984, Mark D. Jones, All Rights Reserved)

Book Three, Chapter One, Part Six


Sammy couldn’t sit still while Jonathan and his Grandfather ate their snacks and talked while sitting on the trunk of the fallen tree, and instead ran off to find something to chase through the wood.  “You know, Jonathan,” began David.  “You’re a lot like me in so many ways at your young age, and you’re certainly farther along the spectrum of what I’d always wanted to do, which is to travel between worlds.  After all, you’ve already visited Myllanthar twice before the age of nine.  That’s why I see in you a vast potential to learn and understand all I know about traveling between and creating worlds, and then surpassing my abilities.  You have a real talent for imagination and adventure, as it’s the core of your being, but it’s only just the start.  What you need to do now, Lad, is to learn how to go beyond your imagination, that’s where the fun really begins.”

“Beyond my imagination, Gramps?  How is that even possible?  Is there really something beyond it?  It seems impossible,” replied Jonathan quizzically, not being able to follow what his Grandfather was saying.

“Oh it’s not only possible, but really not that hard to do once you figure it out.  That’s my aim during this visit, to give you the insights I’ve learned over the course of the past three decades or so, once I finally figured everything out for myself.  However, I’d like to show you something first that might interest you – it’s not far from here.”

They packed up their snacks, and Jonathan fed Sammy a handful of treats that he always tried to bring with him on their excursions into the back forty.  Sammy was off in a flash after his snacks, no doubt on the scent of something that really interested him.  They followed the deer path they had earlier traveled, before turning off into a small clearing that was about thirty feet across or so.  There in the middle of the clearing was a large oval, egg-shaped smooth rock, about the size of a compact car.  Once they reached it, David looked at it and smiled saying, “This is the spot where I figured out how to travel beyond the edge of my imagination, Jonathan, and this place holds a lot of meaning for me.”

He continued, “Just after the farm went bankrupt in early 1930 during the Great Depression, and the year after Thomas was born, I thought my world was coming to an end.  So I came here in the woods to clear my mind and think about what my options were.  It was while sitting here on this stone, that I decided to go back to flying for the U.S. Government as a contract pilot, but it required me to be away from my family for long periods of time.  While I was away, Rebecca died of the influenza, and Thomas didn’t hardly know me any more once I came home.  It’s something he’s never understood – but it was the only way for me to earn a good income in those days, and be able to wire money home to Rebecca to keep from losing everything.  After she passed away in late 1949, I couldn’t bear living here full-time anymore, and later signed the farm over to Thomas once he turned twenty-one.  Thomas went on to make the Spencer Family Farm into the success it is today, while I always helped him financially from afar.”

David paused while lost in his thoughts of those days, and then said, “The other thing that happened here that day, besides deciding to go back to flying again, was I discovered the key to going beyond my imagination, to what I call the other side of imagination.  I was so deep in my thoughts that day, while trying to discover a way to salvage my life during the Great Depression, that serendipity tapped me on the shoulder.  Do you know what serendipity is, Jonathan?”

“Is it when something good happens to you, Gramps?” queried Jonathan, not really sure of a better definition.

“Well it’s sort of like that, Jonathan, but really serendipity means you find something you’re not looking for in a fortunate sort of way.  I’m a great believer in serendipity.  You see, when you attempt to solve a problem or an issue in your mind, you eventually go back to thinking and doing other things.  The wonderful thing about the human mind is that it keeps working that issue all the time subconsciously, without actively thinking about it, while you go about doing other things during your day until it comes up with the answer.  Once your mind has the answer you asked it to look for, it’s liable to give you that answer when you least expect it – out of the blue.  That’s what happened here that day.”

“What was the answer, Gramps – was it how to go farther than your imagination?”

“Yes, Jonathan, it was how to go beyond your imagination.  I had been searching for a way to travel between other worlds since the time I was your age and younger, but without success.  It was here that my mind finally solved the problem and gave me the answer, a good thirty-five years after I asked it for an answer.  It was after I decided to return to flying, as that was the easier answer to find.  But just as I was getting ready to stand up and return to the farmhouse to tell Rebecca, the insight of traveling between worlds came to me all of a sudden, and I couldn’t believe it!  I had to stay to test it out before returning home of course, and it was here that I had my first glance of the Land of Myllanthar, even though it didn’t exist at that point.  I could see this world that I wanted to visit, but it would still be many months of trial and error on my part before I figured out how to actually create it.  That day here on this rock, was one of the most significant days of my life.”

“So how does it work, Gramps?”

“I wanted to take you here to the same spot where my initial insight into traveling beyond and between worlds took place, so you can learn it in the same place as I did.  It all begins with learning how to navigate through your mind and imagination, and then to step outside your mind as you know it…”


Jonathan’s Wish (An Adventure Novel) – Book Three, Chapter One, Part Five

Jonathan’s Wish (An Adventure Novel)

(Copyright 1984, Mark D. Jones, All Rights Reserved)

Book Three, Chapter One, Part Five


The screen door closed behind them, as Jonathan and his Grandfather stepped onto the kitchen porch in the late morning sunshine.  Trooper stood up from his resting place beside the porch to greet them, and Sammy came bounding around the corner of the dairy barn after a morning of chasing rabbits in the fields.  Once Sammy saw them standing on the porch surveying the farm, he made a beeline to greet them with a leap onto the porch in full stride – crashing into them both, having not been able to stop in time.  After a hearty hug and a good rubdown of Jonathan’s adventure companion, David Alexander Spencer said wistfully, “You know, Jonathan, whenever I’m back at the farm I realize how much I miss it.  This is a very special place for me for many reasons.  I have a lot of memories here, some good, some sad, but that’s what life’s all about.  You have to enjoy the good times and persevere through the tough times, because that’s all you can do, just keep trying to do your best.”

“I’m glad you came back to visit, Gramps, because I’ve missed you and always like it when you visit,” replied Jonathan.  “I wish you could stay with us all the time.”

“Well, Jonathan, that’s not really possible, but I do like to stop by as often as I can.  See that treeline beyond the wheat field?  Let’s take a walk to go explore and talk, as it’s been a long time since I’ve entered that wood.  Have you ever ventured into that area before?”

The two of them stepped off the porch and started walking towards the forest they saw in the distance, beyond the swaying shafts of green wheat stalks that hadn’t quite started ripening yet.  They aimed to follow a tractor path that veered left from the dairy barn and horse barn, bisecting two neighboring fields with wheat on the left, and corn stalks almost waist high to the right.

“I haven’t, Gramps.  Sammy and I hiked into the forest beyond the cornfield and crossed Stoney Creek, and that’s how we ended up in Myllanthar.  How do you know about Myllanthar, and about the City of Talgarth and the Kingdom of Talgar?  I thought Sammy and I were the only ones that knew about them, and how did you get the same medallion and coin as I have?”

The treeline loomed larger in the distance as they drew closer with each step.  “You can’t see it yet, can you, Jonathan?”

“Can’t see what, Gramps?  Are you talking about the forest?”

“No, not the trees, I mean Myllanthar.  Can’t you see we’ve both been there not so long ago in Talgarth Palace?  I wanted to take this walk with you to begin opening your mind to all that’s possible…”

“You mean, you’re ‘Gramps’ in Myllanthar, too?” asked Jonathan incredulously, having never made the connection before.

“Of course, Jonathan – Arrydor, Illandor, Myllanthal and Gramps – I’m one and the same, my Lad.”

“But how, Gramps?  How could you be there, too?”

“The same way you could be in Myllanthar, Jonathan, except I created the world you visited.”


“Yes, and many more worlds as well, Jonathan.  That’s why I wanted to visit with you today, to teach you how to expand your mind and your horizons, in order to learn all I can teach you.  I won’t be around forever you know, and you’re the one who has the talent to carry on where I’ve left off.  One day you’ll be able to create your own worlds, too!”

“I will?  But I don’t want you to go anywhere, Gramps, I want you to travel with me on adventures forever!”

“Well, that’s a nice thought, Jonathan, but I haven’t figured that one out yet.  I do want to pass on my knowledge to you while I can, so everything I’ve learned isn’t lost, but lives on through you.”

“How is it possible to learn everything you know, Gramps, and how is it possible to create new worlds?”

“Everything’s possible on the far side of your imagination, Jonathan, you just need to know how to get there…”

With that, the two of them walked side by side into the treeline and disappeared into the wood.  They followed a narrow overgrown path that hadn’t been disturbed by anything other than deer and rabbits for some time it appeared, as it wound deeper into a rather dense stand of trees.  After a time they came upon a fallen tree and stopped to sit on the log, while Jonathan took off his backpack and removed the water bottles, fruit and chocolate chip cookies for a snack.  After a time, Jonathan asked a question, “If it’s possible to travel to different worlds and create new ones, how do I start?  I just stumbled into Myllanthar before, but can I go there anytime I want?”

“Why of course, Jonathan.  You just need to know the way, and how to navigate there.  The rest is simple, but it took me decades to figure it out.  Ever since I was a young boy, I wanted to be able to visit different worlds, alternative or parallel universes.  But even I couldn’t dream of creating new worlds myself, it’s all possible, Jonathan.”

“You know, Gramps, when I grow up I want to be just like you.  That’s my wish, Gramps, to one day be just like you…”


Jonathan’s Wish (An Adventure Novel) – Book Three, Chapter One, Part Four

Jonathan’s Wish (An Adventure Novel)

(Copyright 1984, Mark D. Jones, All Rights Reserved)

Book Three, Chapter One, Part Four


David Alexander Spencer had indeed lived an adventurous life, and if you were to ask him, he’d say it was because he had an adventurous mind – but that was only part of it.  He was born in 1890, and was 70 years old on the day of his current visit to the Spencer Family Farm in 1960.  Fortunately for him, he realized very early on as a child, that he loved the excitement and atmosphere of going on adventures, and wanted to focus his entire life on adventuring.  However, when he was a boy, he was told that living an adventurous life wasn’t an option or even possible for a poor boy like him, so he set out to figure how to achieve it on his own.  He knew there must be a path to adventure, if he could only discover what it was.  Ultimately, he decided that if he focused his life intently on adventuring, then adventures were bound to find him, and they did.  More than he ever dreamed possible!

School had never captured young David’s interest growing up, as they didn’t teach the things in school that he wanted to learn, so he set out to teach himself.  Things like how could his imagination create the life he wanted to live?  How to spend his life traveling the world?  How to make all his wishes and dreams come true?  Were alternative dimensions and parallel universes real, and if so, could one live in two dimensions at the same time traveling back and forth between them?  He learned early on not to ask or discuss his ideas with anyone else, after being ridiculed by his teacher the first time he asked these questions in class.  After that, he decided school wasn’t a place for learning, but only a place for following directions.  The problem as he saw it was, that he didn’t want to take directions from anyone who couldn’t see the logic in his questions.  From that point on, David only did the minimum he needed to do in school to get by and pass his classes, and instead, he allowed his mind to float freely to study and explore all his many interests.

His younger self wasn’t opposed to learning at all, he just saw school as being incapable of teaching him what he wanted to learn, so he set out to teach himself.  The day he graduated from high school by the skin of his teeth in 1908, David ran off to apprentice as an ‘aeropilot’ in Central Ohio under an early aviation pioneer who was flying balloons and building a fledgling ‘aeromachine’ at the time.  Eventually, this aeromachine actually flew, and David earned his wings the hard way – by trial and error.  Luckily, he survived the experience and learned to fly the early aeroplanes that began to be manufactured in the country.  He barnstormed the Midwest giving people rides, and later flew as a crop duster for hire throughout the Midwest.  After that, he traveled to Alaska as a bush pilot and spent some time in the Northwest as a lumberjack, before eventually serving in the Aviation Section, U.S. Signal Corps of the U.S. Army during WWI as a combat pursuit pilot flying biplanes over France on the Western Front.  Following his service in the Army, David spent a couple of years as a U.S. Air Mail Service pilot flying mail across the country.

In 1920, David returned to Ohio and purchased some land just outside the rural community of Hampton, and established the Spencer Family Farm.  He built a farmhouse on his land in 1921, atop the stone foundation of a dilapidated house that had originally been constructed in 1895.  The following year, he married his wife Rebecca whom he had met in Hampton just after returning to Ohio.  Seven years later in 1929, Rebecca gave birth to their son Thomas.  In early 1930, the farm went bankrupt during the Great Depression without the cash or credit to purchase seeds, equipment and supplies.  The future at that point looked grim for their family, and David set out to earn a living anywhere he could find a paying job affording him the ability to wire money home – which took him away from his family for extended periods of time over many years.  During the years David was away from home trying to earn a living, Rebecca’s extended family helped his wife and son run what was left of the farm.

Once Thomas graduated from high school, he set out immediately to run the farm with his mother, but it would be many years before the farm could sustain itself on its own merits.  In 1949, Rebecca passed away from influenza, and David gave the farm to his son Thomas, who turned it into the successful Spencer Family Farm that it was now.  David always kept an interest in the farm from afar, and visited when he could and provided financial assistance to his son, but moved to Minnesota the year after Rebecca passed away to an isolated cabin on a lake.  David spent the last decade or so traveling and adventuring around the world, while occasionally stopping by the farm to see his son and wife Julia, and his grandson, Jonathan.  He told tales of navigating the Amazon River, climbing many of the world’s highest mountains, and visiting six of the world’s seven continents.  He was once in the Argentinian port of Ushuaia to board a ship to Antarctica, but the ship’s propeller shaft broke which would take months to repair, cancelling the voyage.

It was a mystery to all who knew David, as to how he could suddenly travel the world – and he wasn’t explaining.  Of course, there were rumors.  People talked, especially in a small town.  Some said he must have joined the mob, and others said he was part of one of those professional robbery syndicates in order to finance his travels and adventures.  Others said he must be a spy.  The truth was, ever since going bankrupt in the depression and leaving the farm, David went back to flying for the U.S. Government.  He was a contract pilot flying businessmen, survey parties, archaeologists, scientists, film crews, military and government officials, politicians and dignitaries around the world, affording him plenty of time to pursue his own personal interests.  His passengers often remained on location for days, weeks and months at a time, while engaged in their work in faraway cities and at isolated, unmarked airstrips that never existed on any map.  He learned to fly the latest and most advanced planes of the day in the early days of this growing arena of world-wide aviation – but his government contracts were full of danger and risk – which was also the reason that kept him taking new jobs.

Yet, his adventures hadn’t completely satisfied him.  Yes, he had made many of his wishes and dreams come true, and had traveled and adventured around the world, but one thing still eluded him.  He had been convinced his entire life that alternative or parallel universes actually existed, but hadn’t discovered the secret to unlocking or visiting them yet.  David studied all the government white papers, research papers and theories on the topic that the best scientific minds of the day had produced.  He also tested his own theories and calculations aimed at finding and unlocking this nebulous portal that would allow travel between worlds to take place, but to no avail.  It seemed as though he couldn’t discover the pathway, wormhole or portal that he was convinced existed – a bridge between worlds.  David had been dreaming of discovering a way to travel between worlds without success ever since he was a young boy, but then one day – eureka!


Jonathan’s Wish (An Adventure Novel) – Book Three, Chapter One, Part Three

Jonathan’s Wish (An Adventure Novel)

(Copyright 1984, Mark D. Jones, All Rights Reserved)

Book Three, Chapter One, Part Three


Thomas came into the kitchen from working in the soybean fields, where he found Julia preparing lunch and asked, “Where’s my father?  I saw his car in the drive.  He’s not with Jonathan, is he?”

“Why, yes, the two of them took a walk to the forest beyond the wheat field about 30 minutes ago.  I packed them a snack for their hike, and I really don’t know when to expect them back – probably for dinner I suppose.  Here, I’ve fixed lunch for us, a couple of sandwiches, chips and salads.  Go ahead and sit down, I’ll set the table.”

Julia’s husband pulled out a chair and sat down with a stern look on his face, “You know, I really don’t like the idea of the two of them spending time together, Julie, and certainly not alone.  My father’s not a good influence on the boy, and will only end up filling his head with wacky ideas of adventures and far away lands.  What Jonathan needs to do is to start applying himself in school, and I hope one day he gets an Ag Degree and takes over the farm – you know I can’t do this forever by myself.  I’ve busted my butt after taking the farm over from my father when I got out of high school, and I’ve been at it ever since.  The only way our family will ever stay afloat is if the progress I’ve made continues on through Jonathan.  If he doesn’t take over some day, I’ll never be able to retire, and I’ll be working the fields until the day I drop.”

“Have you ever told Jonathan what you just told me, Tom?” asked Julie.  “How is he to ever know your thoughts if you never spend time with your son?  Besides, I think your resentment against your father should be considered water under the bridge, don’t you?  It’s been many years now since you were growing up, and my guess is you secretly wished David had taken you with him on his adventures whenever possible – I think that’s the crux of the issue.  Just speak honestly to your son, Tom, but realize he’s not you.  You can’t force him to choose his path in life just because it’s what you want.  He’s got to want it for himself, and he’ll never know what you think, if you don’t speak honestly and openly with him.  Besides, I’m sure your son would be glad to tell you all the reasons why he loves adventures, and he might even change your mind.”

“Well, honestly, Julie, I would have loved to have gone on adventures with my father, but it’s too late for that now.  You know I need Jonathan to take over the farm one day, otherwise, what am I working so hard for?  I just think my father’s filling his head with ideas that can’t and won’t come true.  You know how he is, always talking about places far away and other worlds and all.  Who believes in all that?  It’s just a bunch of nonsense if you ask me, and a waste of time.  Jonathan needs to do well in school, that’s what he needs.”

“If you keep up this hard line approach, Tom, you’ll lose your son – don’t you see that?  He’ll be out of here the day he graduates from high school, and will run off on an adventure so fast it’ll make your head spin, and we’re not likely to see him again for a very long time.  He won’t be here to get an Ag Degree, and won’t take over the farm, so you should mellow out and be honest with him about your concerns.  You know, there may even be a way for him to enjoy adventures, do well in school, get an Ag Degree one day, and take over the farm.  Why, I’d even like to go on an adventure with Jonathan, where’s the harm in that?  You could have the whole deal that way, your son, a good student, and a way to save the farm in the future.  You know he loves this farm.”

“I see your point, Julie, but I’d have to think about it.  Do you really think that could work?”

“I do, Tom, and Jonathan’s a reasonable kid, as is his Grandfather.  I think they’d both be on board if you just talked to them and offered up a plan.  You know, Jonathan would love to go on an adventure with you, he’d be thrilled.  You’d also be able to bond with him, like you always wanted to do with your father when you were younger.  Oh, and by the way, David mentioned something that I don’t really understand.  He mentioned the words ‘Talgarth’ and ‘Talgar’ – have you ever heard of them before?  Something about an image of an oak tree set within the sun.  Maybe they’re from your past.  Think about it, I’d like to know if you remember anything, anything at all…”


Jonathan’s Wish (An Adventure Novel) – Book Three, Chapter One, Part Two

Jonathan’s Wish (An Adventure Novel)

(Copyright 1984, Mark D. Jones, All Rights Reserved)

Book Three, Chapter One, Part Two


Julia watched from the kitchen screen door, as Grandpa Spencer and her son walked towards the wheat field – the opposite direction of where her husband Thomas was driving the tractor in the soybean field. She had mixed emotions at watching the pair of them walking towards the distant woods beyond the fields, knowing they were two peas of the same pod with an undeniable connection between them both, but part of her wanted to accompany them.  She had never acknowledged her interests in adventures to either her husband or her son before, instead playing the role of the serious mom who had to guide Jonathan into responsible behaviors, like school.  At the same time, she realized what a gravitational pull adventures had on her son, and couldn’t deny the look of excitement in his eyes whenever the subject came up, but for the first time, she felt it, too.

Why had she denied this part of her personality to herself all this time?  She had compartmentalized her longing for adventures ever once Jonathan first showed his interest in adventuring, especially after her husband had reacted so strenuously against even the idea.  It had been much more important at the time to make peace in the family she thought, and denied the feelings she had of joining Jonathan in his adventurous ways.  She also knew a secret that her husband, Thomas, revealed to her once in a moment of weakness in the early days of their marriage, which was that he resented his father’s free-spirited ways, and how he suffered in his father’s absence during his long periods of being away from home.

She understood that Thomas was only trying to protect his son from all the same mistakes his own father had made, but it was undeniable that there was a hint of jealously in his focus on being the responsible one.  She remembered once in the early days of their dating each other, that Thomas had whimsically admitted he’d love to go on an adventure himself, while watching a documentary about mountaineering – but in the same breath, stated it wasn’t ever possible, because of how irresponsible his father had been when he was growing up.  Julia surmised that what her husband really meant to say, was that he’d wished his father had taken him with him on his adventures, and now he was jealous of the attention David Alexander Spencer had always lavished on Jonathan.

It wasn’t an easy exercise, but Julie was trying her best to explore the area beyond her imagination in her mind, in order to make some sense of these seemingly random images and notions that had always floated through her awareness.  Watching and listening to Grandpa Spencer explaining the items Jonathan so treasured had been a catalyst of sorts, creating even more images within her mind’s eye.  Something about the words ‘Talgarth’ and ‘Talgar’ stood out to her in ways she couldn’t quite understand, all the while hearing the word ‘princess’ resonating in her mind.  However, it was the pull of her heartstrings that couldn’t be denied, as she watched Gramps and Jonathan disappear into the distant treeline.  She knew she wanted to go with them, and just perhaps, the next time she would.

Yet at the same time, she dismissed the idea completely out of hand, and knew her husband wouldn’t hear of it, or anything to do with the subject of adventures and dreams.  Perhaps there was a way ahead towards her own wishes and dreams after all, she thought, and began to ponder various ideas and options on the way ahead.  While she wasn’t a blood relative of her father-in-law, she did share the same flesh and blood with her son, and could no longer deny the idea of living an adventurous life herself.  Thomas might be dead set against it now, but perhaps she could slowly begin to influence him in ways to realize what he had always denied to himself, that it was his own wish to see life as a great adventure – and she knew the very way to achieve it!


Jonathan’s Wish (An Adventure Novel) – Book Three, Chapter One, Part One – Wishes and Dreams

Jonathan’s Wish (An Adventure Novel)

(Copyright 1984, Mark D. Jones, All Rights Reserved)

Book Three, Chapter One, Part One – Wishes and Dreams


“Our wishes and dreams define us in ways that go beyond simple understanding, for desires flow in two directions, both towards and away from us within this ether of creation.  While we send and receive wishes and dreams from heart, mind and soul – they travel beyond us in ways we’re not aware of.  It is through our dearest unspoken dreams and wishes, acknowledged by us or not, that the spirit of who we are searches for answers to who we most desire to be.  For our wishes and dreams transcend mere words, having been shaped and formed via the mist and language of the heavens over the course of time, imprinted on the very essence of our souls…” – Mark D. Jones


Jonathan was excited beyond words that his Grandfather Spencer – the one and only David Alexander Spencer – had arrived at the Spencer Family Farm to visit, just as his mother had said he would, but now he wasn’t sure of would happen next.  His father was in the fields on the tractor, and after an initial catching up on the latest comings and goings of everyone, his mother asked them both into the dining room to ask a question of them.  Jonathan knew what his mom was going to ask, and was nervous to hear his Grandfather’s answer, because he didn’t want to get into trouble.  He reckoned it was best if his mom didn’t know anything about his adventures, because if she knew all the details, he’d probably be grounded for life – which would mean, no more adventures for him.

“Sure, Julie, I’d be happy to answer your questions,” replied Grandpa Spencer to Jonathan’s mom’s request to ask him some questions.  “Anything you want, anything at all.”

“Please take those items off from around your neck, Jonathan, and place them on the dining room table along with the golden coin in your pocket.  I want your Grandfather to tell me what he knows about them,” directed Jonathan’s mom.

“But Mom, I can’t take them off.  I might need them at any moment, you don’t understand,” pleaded Jonathan, knowing it wouldn’t do any good.  His mother’s stern look at him sealed his fate, knowing he couldn’t weasel out of her request, and did as he was asked.

“I’m very familiar with all three of these, Julie, as I presented them to Jonathan myself.  This silver medallion of an oak tree within the sun, is the symbol of the City of Talgarth in the Kingdom of Talgar.  Talgarth means ‘Sparkling Jewel’ and Talgar means ‘Light,’ and this medallion contains the very nature and substance of Light from both the sun and moon.  In fact, I have the original medallion in gold around my neck with the same image – see?” he replied while showing her his own medallion.  “Let me place this around Jonathan’s neck again, Julie, as he may need this at any moment – one never really knows,” stated Gramps, while hanging the medallion again around his grandson’s neck.

Julia Spencer was taken aback by the completely honest approach her father-in-law was taking in this situation, as she never expected it to turn out this way.  David Spencer continued saying, “This sapphire pendant is called the Talspin Pendent, and it is a very rare and ancient piece that was first given to me many years ago.  I presented it to Jonathan myself at my dwelling Tywyn in the Glandwr Valley.  Tywyn means Hidden Place, and it is a very special place.  It is important to him to always wear it, Julie, because one never knows what the next minute requires.”

Julia was beyond words at Grandfather Spencer’s explanations, but remained silent as he spoke, “I gave this golden coin with the symbol of the City of Talgarth to Jonathan only recently in Talgarth Palace, and it is the second coin to the original that I carry – see, I have it here in my pocket,” stated David Spencer proudly to his daughter-in-law, seeing that she was having a hard time processing it all.  “Jonathan needs to keep his coin on him at all times as well, as it is very rare and valuable and may be needed when he least expects it,” mentioned Grandpa Spencer as Jonathan quickly slid the coin off the table and slipped it back into his pocket.

“I see you’re having a difficult time processing this information, Julie, but you asked me a question and I’ve told you what I know.  Perhaps these objects are more familiar to you than you realize.  Search your thoughts and memories for the answer, but don’t hurry or rush this process of discovery, as you will understand everything in good time.  You have more in common with the two of us, than you will allow yourself to admit, Julia.  It’s all in the perspective, simply open your awareness beyond your imagination, for that’s where your memories of these items reside – on the other side of imagination.”

“Perhaps they do look familiar, David, and I do have images in my mind that I don’t understand, but please don’t discuss any of this with your son, Thomas, as he rejects anything to do with your travels and mentions of imagination and adventure.  He thinks you’re a bad influence on Jonathan, and I’m sure he’ll say something about that when he comes in from the fields.  Let’s please try to make this a pleasant visit, because nothing will change my husband’s mind.  He’s only focused on the here-and-now of what needs to be done on the farm.  His is a straightforward world of work and responsibility, and he won’t hear of adventures under his roof,” stated Julia as diplomatically as she could.

“Under my roof you mean, Julie – after all, I built this house as he very well knows.  Let me deal with him in my own way, but I promise not to cause trouble.  In fact, Jonathan and I were just going to take a long walk into the back forty – the opposite area of where Tom’s riding the tractor, of course!” said Grandpa Spencer with a smile in his voice, and a wink in his eye to them both.

“Fine, just don’t get Thomas upset, David, please.  I know that you and Jonathan have a special relationship and understanding between you two, that I don’t quite understand yet, but with your explanations today I’m starting to get a glimpse of things I hadn’t realized before.  Here, let me pack you both a snack of chocolate chip cookies, some fruit and a couple of water bottles for your hike.  Jonathan, please go get your backpack.  I can’t let my two guys go hungry, can I?  Oh, and please be back before dark, I wouldn’t want to have to go looking for you, as I’d have no idea where to find you.  For all I know, you’d be lost in another world!” said Julia with a smile as helpfully as she could, knowing a little humor would help the situation out.

“Lost, Julie?  Rather doubtful I’d say, but another world?  That’s closer to the mark…” replied David Spencer, with a smile on his face and a song in his voice.