Jonathan’s Return (An Adventure Novel) – Book Two, Chapter Ten, Part Four

Jonathan’s Return (An Adventure Novel)

(Copyright 1984, Mark D. Jones, All Rights Reserved)

Book Two, Chapter Ten, Part Four


Like watching a movie filmed in super slow motion, Jonathan was aware of every frame while falling backwards towards the floor.  He watched as heads turned suddenly to see him, saw the looks in the eyes growing wider of those who had been watching him all along, and felt the sensation of speed picking up as his body raced towards the floor while clutching Sammy.  This was the end, he thought, for while holding Sammy tightly to his chest, he was unable to brace himself for the impact.  Cringing, he could feel the stone floor striking his head even before he reached it – and then – nothing…

He wondered if this was what it was like to die, but he hadn’t felt the impact of the stone floor, any pain or the sensation of dying – only an unchanging stillness and silence.  It was like he was between worlds, not only in a physical sense, but also in a sensational sense, for he didn’t feel anything at all.  Yet, Jonathan realized he was acutely aware of his thoughts, which were separate again from both the physical and sensational responses of the body.  Perhaps his thoughts were carried out of his body by his soul, becoming an independent entity not restricted by either time or space.  Perhaps, dying was simply a new adventure to experience, but then, there came a gradually increasing awareness of sensation.

After it took Jonathan so long to retrieve the eight potatoes and three onions from the root cellar, his mother went to investigate what could have caused the delay.  She knew her son only too well, especially how distracted and absent minded he could be.  Rarely did Jonathan accomplish anything right away or on time, because he seemed to always be lost in his thoughts.  She wondered how he would ever finish school, because while his teachers told her he was a brilliant child, he often wasn’t able to apply himself to anything that really counted as far as school was concerned.  Oh sure, he passed his classes with minimal effort on his part, but everyone agreed he could do so much better if he only applied himself.  His reports often mentioned the fact that Jonathan’s daydreaming was a major distraction to not only completing his assignments, but also to the entire class, because at times it appeared to others that he was lost in another world and not able to relate to what he was being asked to do.

As she entered the cellar and saw Jonathan and Sammy sprawled on the dirt floor, she let out a scream of ‘Oh, no!” and rushed to revive him, placing her hands gently under his head and kissing his forehead in despair.  Sammy rolled over and somehow managed to get his paws beneath him in order to stand, and then began licking his Master’s face to wake up.  Jonathan’s foot was caught in an overturned apple crate that he appeared to have been stepping on, as a broken slat caused his foot to penetrate the crate, no doubt resulting in his fall.  His mother was overwrought with emotion, while crying and pleading with her son to wake up.

Jonathan’s silver medallion of an oak tree within a sun and the sapphire pendant had tumbled out of his shirt collar, and beside his pocket lay a golden coin with the same image of the medallion cast in it.  Suddenly, she saw Jonathan’s eyelids flicker and watched his eyes moving behind them, all the while pleading for him to wake up and be okay.  Then, after a quick shake of his head, he reached out to wrap his arms around Sammy.  Jonathan then opened his eyes and smiled, saying, ‘Hi, mom, I’m back – I missed you!”

She was overjoyed at seeing her son awake again, and realized while what he said hadn’t make any sense, it must have been attributed to his fall.  “I missed you, too, Jonathan.  What happened to you – are you okay?  Why were you standing on the apple crate, and why is the horse collar sitting in the dirt?”  After she helped her son to his feet again, she lifted the horse collar and hung it back on the floor joists above the cellar where it belonged.  She didn’t notice the metal plate door in the stone wall of the cellar’s foundation though, because it wasn’t there anymore.

As Jonathan got up and steadied himself on his feet again, Mrs. Spencer picked up the golden coin from the cellar floor and handed it back to her son.  “One thing, Jonathan, these things you’ve said your Grandfather had given to you – he’ll be here in the morning to visit, and we’ll ask him if they really came from him.  I have my doubts, but we’ll see.  I know you miss him, and the two of you seem to have a special relationship that I don’t understand, but it seems to be very important to you both, so I won’t interfere.  Just realize that your father isn’t thrilled with it, so please don’t mention anything about these things or your plans around him, because he doesn’t want to know or understand.  All your father knows about is work, and taking care of his responsibilities to us and the farm.  You know he doesn’t have any interest in or understanding for adventures…”

“I know, Mom – oh, by the way, don’t forget the eight potatoes and three onions!”

(The End of Book Two)


Jonathan’s Return (An Adventure Novel) – Book Two, Chapter Ten, Part Three

Jonathan’s Return (An Adventure Novel)

(Copyright 1984, Mark D. Jones, All Rights Reserved)

Book Two, Chapter Ten, Part Three


Sammy saved the day even before it began, as King Jonathan would have slept past the breakfast reception for his guests, if his adventure companion wouldn’t have woken him up.  He was awake now though, and realized that everyone would be getting an early start on the day, and he couldn’t waste any more time.  After all, he was King now, and Kings have responsibilities – even if they were tired from tossing and turning all night long and not getting much sleep.  His dreams hadn’t been lost on him though, and he remembered everything he had contemplated and wrestled with the night before – even during his turbulent dreams.

Today would be a difficult day he realized, as saying goodbye was always hard for him to do.  After all, once you say goodbye, will you ever have a chance to see the person again?  That was the problem he pondered as he readied himself for breakfast, because goodbyes would be easier if you knew you’d be able to say hello to the person again.  That was also the problem he realized with saying goodbye to his Grandfather Spencer because he visited so seldom, and Jonathan never knew if and when he’d ever see him again.  He missed his Grandpa.  Hopefully, if he ever made it back home to the Spencer Family Farm, there would be another chance to see Gramps again.

King Jonathan made his way down to the breakfast reception to find he was right on time, thanks to Sammy!  His special guests were only just arriving for breakfast as well, and it was a great opportunity to relax and talk with the very people who had been so important to him during his two visits to Myllanthar.  Everyone congratulated King Jonathan on his coronation, and wished him great success in returning the Kingdom of Talgar to its former glory – and even surpassing it.  It was such a heartfelt time for not only himself, but also for his guests, as they all realized how special this time together really was.  A boy from across the heavens had come to fulfill an ancient prophecy of their land, and not only succeed in turning back and defeating a spreading darkness across the land, but he was also instrumental in helping crown his good friend Dijia the King of the Kingdom of Pengarth, defeating a terrible dragon that had been terrorizing the land, and assuming the Throne of the Kingdom of Talgar to return it to its former glory as the Sparkling Jewel and Light it had once been.  It had been a series of remarkable accomplishments!

The breakfast reception was a great success, and Talgarth Palace had never looked so festive, nor been so honored to host the very best leaders and individuals the Land of Myllanthar had to offer.  It was a onetime occasion that would probably never be repeated again in anyone’s lifetime, and it had all culminated with his coronation.  That alone caused King Jonathan to reflect again on everything he had pondered the night before and experienced during his visits to this wonderful land.  He was surrounded by his good friends, and couldn’t have been happier – but how does one share themselves between two separate worlds – especially when they both meant so much to him?

As the time approached to begin saying goodbye, King Jonathan felt very sad about his friends departing, homesick for his family and friends in Hampton, and daydreamed about whether he could actually live in both worlds at the very same time – The Spencer Family Farm and Myllanthar.  His eyes filled with tears, and he really didn’t want anyone to see him cry, so he picked up Sammy to give him the biggest hug while trying to bury his face in his best friend’s fur to wipe away his tears.  The palace’s waiters were clearing the breakfast dishes and glassware from the table, and King Jonathan waited for one of the waiters to pass behind him, before stepping back to go over to the terrace to say goodbye to all his guests as they left.

Once the waiter passed behind him, King Jonathan stepped back and accidentally caught his heel on the waiter’s heel who hadn’t quite stepped away yet.  Clutching Sammy ever tighter, King Jonathan felt himself falling backwards as if in slow motion.  Princess Jyulia shouted out a panicked cry of “Oh, no!” from somewhere nearby, and attempted to prevent his head from hitting the stone floor – but in that moment, King Jonathan and Sammy were gone…vanished!

Jonathan’s Return (An Adventure Novel) – Book Two, Chapter Ten, Part Two

Jonathan’s Return (An Adventure Novel)

(Copyright 1984, Mark D. Jones, All Rights Reserved)

Book Two, Chapter Ten, Part Two


King Jonathan spent the rest of the day hosting everyone at the reception following his coronation ceremony, inviting his guests into Talgarth Palace for food and refreshments afterwards.  He, Princess Jyulia, Lord Mayor Thomar, and Arrydor received their guests at the head of the receiving line, making the point to shake everyone’s hand.  It was especially wonderful for him to connect again with the Distinguished Visitors who were the first to greet him.  His special guests were then invited to gather in the palace’s ballroom, as they were all provided individual rooms for the night in the palace.  It was a welcoming time for King Jonathan, for these were his friends who had helped him achieve all that he was today.

He was especially glad to talk to King Dijia again, as they had shared so many experiences on their journey across Myllanthar together.  Eventually the evening wound down, and his guests all retired for the night, needing to get early starts in the morning for their return trips.  King Jonathan reflected on what everyone had said to him during the day and evening, along with the discussions he had had with Princess Jyulia, Lord Mayor Thomar and Arrydor.  It was indeed a new day and a new age in the Kingdom of Talgar, but the effects of this day would also ripple across all of Myllanthar, as news returned with the travelers of the renewal and rebirth of the Kingdom of Talgar.

It was a late night for King Jonathan, as he stayed up long past the time his guests retired for the evening.  He first spent time with Princess Jyulia, Lord Mayor Thomar, and Arrydor, discussing the work that still lay before them in governing the kingdom, and how to make permanent the day’s announcements.  It wouldn’t be an easy process of going from a land terrorized by a dragon and cloaked in the darkness that had been Vyanthal’s evil usurpation of power, but while the past couldn’t be completely forgotten, the course ahead could be made straight and corrected, so as to undo the damage that had been done to the kingdom over the past 37 years.

It was in the quiet hours of the night, that King Jonathan reflected on his many journeys and adventures within the Land of Myllanthar, and his travels back and forth to Southern Ohio.  He missed his parents and the Spencer Family Farm, he missed Trooper, he missed his favorite cow Lucy, and he missed his friends as well.  As he continued to reflect on the totality of his experiences, he realized that most of all, King Jonathan missed his Grandfather Spencer – David Alexander Spencer – and the thought overwhelmed him.  It seemed like ages ago since his Grandpa had last visited, and he wanted to reconnect with his hero and this adventurer who traveled the world.  If it was at all possible, Jonathan wanted to grow up to be just like Gramps, even if he had no idea of how it was possible for his Grandfather to seemingly be everything, do everything, go everywhere, and be the inspiration that Jonathan had always looked up to.

A breakfast reception was scheduled the next morning for all of the Distinguished Visitors to attend prior to their departures, and in the wee hours of the morning King Jonathan finally fell asleep – lost in his dreams and reflections of his Grandfather, his experiences in Myllanthar, the homesickness he was experiencing from being away from his family, and the realization of just how much everything in his hometown of Hampton really meant to him.  However, he was now King of the Kingdom of Talgar, and responsible for everyone and everything within his kingdom.  It was an immense responsibility he had willingly accepted, and clearly understood he would have to focus on the task at hand, in order to nurture and create the best future for his kingdom.

It was during the troubling turbulence of his Master’s dreams, that Sammy woke King Jonathan up prior to the first light of dawn, understanding intuitively they needed to get ready to attend the reception and say goodbye to their guests.  This would be a difficult day for King Jonathan to face, for once he said goodbye to his friends, he realized he may never see them again…

Jonathan’s Return (An Adventure Novel) – Book Two, Chapter Ten, Part One – Reflections

Jonathan’s Return (An Adventure Novel)

(Copyright 1984, Mark D. Jones, All Rights Reserved)

Book Two, Chapter Ten, Part One – Reflections


“Our lives travel a meandering course along a single thread from the moment we’re born to the day of our very last breaths, punctuated by the continuous beating of our hearts.  This journey of our lives – the very lifeblood of our existence – allows us the opportunity to reflect upon this wandering path, so as to understand important lessons and truths we’ve learned from this road of opportunity we’ve traveled.  For reflections from this adventure we call life, illustrate to us both who we are, and who we hope and desire to be…” – Mark D. Jones


Jonathan now stood before the gathered crowd as King of Talgar, wearing the Sword and Crown of Talgar, and holding its Scepter – very much aware of how important this moment was to everyone assembled.  He paused in thought, as the crowd’s chants died out and a silence settled over the audience, wondering what their new King would have to say to them.  A hushed stillness permeated the grounds of Talgarth Palace until it grew almost uncomfortable, as Jonathan took in the moment, scanning the faces and relishing the joy that had overwhelmed him during the ceremony.  In that moment, he opened his arms as if to gather in the crowd, and said, “Thank you.  Thank you for your generosity, your faith, your loyalty, your energy and your love.  Sammy and I have been overwhelmed by the kindness you’ve treated us with, and we will never forget your hospitality here in the Kingdom of Talgar and the Land of Myllanthar.  I especially want to share with you how blessed I feel to see all my dear friends again in the front row, and I appreciate your being here more than I can say – thank you all!”

The audience cheered wildly at Jonathan’s remarks, and once they quieted down again he continued saying, “As your King, I have a number of important decrees to announce this morning, so as to provide the foundation for your prosperity in the years ahead.  First of all, the dark years of Vyanthal are not only over, but his every action over of the course of the past 37 years is now declared null and void, and to be stricken from the historical record of Talgar!”

Again the crowd cheered in approval, and resumed their chanting until finally quieting down and allowing Jonathan to continue.  “Secondly, I call Jyulia, a descendant of the last Queen of Talgar to come forward before the Throne of Talgar to become Princess Jyulia, Knight of Talgar, and heir to the Throne of Talgar.  Jonathan then proceeded to both Knight her, and bestow upon her the Title of Princess Jyulia, heir to the Throne of Talgar, in a similar manner as Arrydor had done for him.  Arrydor had earlier taken the third seat to the left of the throne, and Princess Jyulia then took the first chair to the left of the throne.

Jonathan went on to say, “Thirdly, I ask Thomar to come before the Throne of Talgar to become the Lord Mayor of the City of Talgarth.  Thomar’s father was the last Lord Mayor prior to the arrival of the darkness.”  Again, Jonathan ceremoniously made Thomar a Knight of Talgar, and Lord Mayor of the City of Talgarth using the Sword of Talgarth, and then gave him both the sword and the ceremonial pendant previously worn by his father.  Thomar then took the second seat to the left of the throne between Princess Jyulia and Arrydor.

“Fourthly, for the assistance given to me and my friends during our first journey, I award Daylla, Laythur and Pyllur, honorary citizenship of the Kingdom of Talgar, and the means to provide not only for themselves, but also for their neighbors in the Land of the Slejuv, and Kingdom of Pengarth, who all suffered terribly under the previous spreading darkness across the Land of Myllanthar.”

“In addition, I declare Talgarth Palace and all its grounds, to be open to the people of Talgar to visit and enjoy whenever they wish, as a tribute to their solidarity, loyalty and suffering during the years of darkness.  Every citizen of the Kingdom of Talgar is now afforded the opportunity to live their lives as they wish, to provide for themselves and their families, to follow their dreams, and no citizen of our kingdom will ever be allowed to go without.”

Concluding his remarks in front of the joyful audience, Jonathan said, “It is I, your King, along with Princess Jyulia and Lord Mayor Thomar who serve you – the citizens, friends and guests of the Kingdom of Talgar – as does our most important guest today, Arrydor.  It is in serving you, the citizens of Talgar, that we are fulfilled and made whole.  Long may the people and Kingdom of Talgar flourish in peace, prosperity and happiness!”