My Book – Jonathan’s Amazing Adventures: Book Two – Jonathan’s Return (An Adventure Novel)

Here’s an excerpt from my second book in the trilogy: Jonathan’s Amazing Adventures: Book Two – Jonathan’s Return (An Adventure Novel)

“Jonathan lowered the note onto his lap, staring wide-eyed across his room in disbelief thinking, A dragon?  Me?  Quickly?  He couldn’t believe what he had just read – but if they were all depending on him, somehow he’d find a way back to Myllanthar – for it was his duty as a Knight of Pengarth…

‘They think I can slay the dragon,’ thought Jonathan as he looked down at Sammy, who just then raised his head to look at him in a knowing way.  Of course, it would be a great adventure to slay a dragon and just the sort of adventure he’d normally be excited to take, but slaying a dragon was a tad bit outside even Jonathan’s comfort zone!  Jonathan pondered the idea for a moment and made his decision – if they needed his help to slay a dragon, then a dragon slayer he’d be!”

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My Latest Book – Jonathan’s Amazing Adventures: Book Two – Jonathan’s Return (An Adventure Novel)

I’ve just published my latest book – my 16th: Jonathan’s Amazing Adventures: Book Two – Jonathan’s Return (An Adventure Novel)  This is the second book in the Jonathan’s Amazing Adventures trilogy and I’m currently editing the third book in the series about young Jonathan and his dog Sammy, and their amazing adventures to new worlds together!  Jonathan’s Return is 214 pages long in the paperback version and free to read with Kindle Unlimited.

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About this Book:

“The dream seemed real enough to Jonathan, after all, he’d adventured across the entire Land of Myllanthar with Dijia and Sammy, with the help of Gramps and the other Light Bearers in an epic battle of Light against darkness – but did it really happen?  Jonathan refused to believe it had only been a dream, for it was too real to have been a dream.

If it really did happen as Jonathan remembered it, wouldn’t there be a clue as to what happened, like bringing something back with him that couldn’t be refuted?  There was something he’d brought back with him though, something given to him by Gramps – also known as Illandor, Arrydor and Myllanthal – a letter and a prophecy: “In the days, Of the dragon, In a City, Of Sparkling Light, Arrives a boy, To become king, And a dragon to fight…A boy, Is no match, For a dragon, Some say, But wait, For one day, A dragon, He will slay.””

About the Author:

“I’ve always focused on writing the kind of books and stories I’d like to read myself, especially when I was younger and yearned to see and explore the world.  Book One was filled with woods, forests, mountains, tunnels, journeys, quests, kingdoms, knights, bandits, rogue riders, swords, castles, councils, ancient texts, enchantments and an entire cast of peoples and supernatural abilities – what could I add to Book Two that I’d want to read about?  Dragons of course!  Not only would Book Two be about an epic quest to slay a dragon, but I’d set the stage from the very beginning to leave no doubt about what was to take place – a boy and his dog against an ancient dragon of unimaginable size and power!  I hope you enjoy Book Two – Jonathan’s Return (An Adventure Novel) as much as I did writing it – and even now I still have no idea how a young boy and his dog are to slay an ancient dragon emerging from the depths of the dark caves and caverns of Fell Ignar, also known as Kriegareth…  Cheers!  Mark”

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