Jonathan’s Dream (An Adventure Novel) – Chapter Eleven, Part Six (The End of Book One)

Jonathan’s Dream (An Adventure Novel)

(Copyright 1984, Mark D. Jones, All Rights Reserved)

Chapter Eleven, Part Six


Jonathan took the stick from Sammy’s mouth and threw it down the path towards the forest, with his faithful friend eagerly running after it.  No sooner had Sammy picked up the stick, then he ran off on another wild goose chase, no doubt after picking up the scent of a long gone rabbit.  Jonathan knew in his bones that he was back in Hampton, Ohio on the Spencer Family Farm – it just felt right.

Taking one long glance down the path towards the dense woods at the end of the cornfield, Jonathan saw two crows circling overhead.  The forest can wait another day now, thought Jonathan, as he turned to head back to the house.  Besides, he still wasn’t convinced that he wouldn’t discover a world of bandits and riders, and castles and kings, had he continued on down the path towards the forest.  Some things you can never be too sure about, and sometimes it’s better not to confront the faded memories of distant dreams, lest they turn out to be real after all.

Jonathan and Sammy returned along the path towards the farmhouse, and observed that everything was as it should have been.  The back door to the house was open and the screen door allowed the warm summer breeze to flow through the house. Jonathan couldn’t see his parents as he approached the back door, but as he got closer to the kitchen he couldn’t help but notice the wonderful scent that floated out through the screen door – freshly baked chocolate chip cookies!

Pausing for a moment to savor the smell, Jonathan realized his mother had been hard at work in the kitchen baking his favorite cookies.  He wondered how he would begin to tell his parents about his adventures that day, explaining to them why he had been gone so long.  It was in that moment he decided it’s better off if they didn’t know the whole story, for this was an adventure he realized that was better kept to himself.  After all, his mother would be worried about nothing at all.

The simple truth was that he had been on an adventure all day, he’d tell them, and lost track of the time – something he was known to do anyway.  If his mother noticed the bump on the back of his head he would explain it easily enough, that Sammy had knocked him off balance and he fell, no big deal.  As for King Dijia, Arrydor, riders and bandits, he would keep those stories to himself, and of course share them with his friends!

No reason to upset his mother, he thought, and with that Jonathan climbed the porch steps and opened the screen door – Jonathan was home.

(The End of Book One)


Jonathan’s Dream (An Adventure Novel) – Chapter Eleven, Part Five

Jonathan’s Dream (An Adventure Novel)

(Copyright 1984, Mark D. Jones, All Rights Reserved)

Chapter Eleven, Part Five


In the fog of his confusion, Jonathan struggled to come to his senses, but his dreams weren’t ready to release him yet.  He felt stuck in the netherworld between dreams and reality, not being able to fully grasp what was going on around him.  Finally, he gave up fighting for consciousness, surrendering himself to the dreams still clinging to his mind.  Jonathan’s head fell back onto the dusty, hardpack earth surrounded by tall, wild grasses, while his mind retreated into the misty darkness of the netherworld.

Sammy flung himself onto Jonathan’s chest and began to lick his face from top to bottom, which slowly began to revive and return him to consciousness.  Jonathan couldn’t perceive his current surroundings, fearing that he may have been thrown on the roadside for dead by bandits escaping from Castle Penmaryll.  All of this effort to complete the quest only to be thrown on the roadside for dead, thought Jonathan. What of King Dijia?  Are they holding Dijia for ransom, or have they harmed him in some way?  Jonathan’s head was swimming in circles from the blow, and Sammy was only confusing him more with his smothering washcloth actions to his face.

Very slow and carefully, and with great effort, Jonathan rolled onto his side and propped himself up on his elbow, trying to see past the face-full of dog standing over him that was Sammy.  He squinted into a setting sun as he took a moment to look past Sammy and take in his surroundings.  Jonathan realized he was lying on a dirt path in tall grass with his beloved Sammy standing over him – while trying to shade his eyes from the sun with his other hand – surrounded by corn stalks.

The effort was too much for him as he saw stars and his head felt dizzy, so he put his head back down and closed his eyes, thinking about what was happening.  Corn stalks, thought Jonathan, he hadn’t seen a single cornfield in all his time in Myllanthar.  Why would bandits throw him into a cornfield?  It didn’t make any sense…

After taking a moment to clear his head, Jonathan sat up and began scratching Sammy behind his ears as his faithful friend stood directly in front of him.  Catching a glimpse of his surrounds to the left and right of Sammy, Jonathan realized that he wasn’t in Myllanthar at all – he was back in Ohio!  The cornfields were as they’d always been, and the path he was sitting on was where Sammy had come running through the tall grass to ambush him that morning.  His knife and backpack lay beside him as well, thrown free in the collision.

There hadn’t been a fox after all, and the hard earth must have caused the terrible blow to the back of his head that he was still smarting from with every pulse of blood surging through it.  The sun was beginning to set to the west, which meant he must have spent most of the day unconscious here in the tall grass beside the cornfield after hitting his head!

Slowly, Jonathan stood up and steadied himself on his feet, taking a good, long look around him.  Everything was as it always was – there was no castle, no bandits or riders, and Arrydor and King Dijia were nowhere to be seen – there was only Sammy, clutching a stick in his mouth and jumping up at his waist.  In that moment, Jonathan realized it was enough, for he was home…

Jonathan’s Dream (An Adventure Novel) – Chapter Eleven, Part Four

Jonathan’s Dream (An Adventure Novel)

(Copyright 1984, Mark D. Jones, All Rights Reserved)

Chapter Eleven, Part Four


Jonathan appreciated everyone’s kind words, but in his heart he knew he might never find his way home again.  How could one undertake a journey without first knowing the direction to go?  Arrydor said home was essentially in his heart, and that his heart would know the way, but how was his heart to take him home? Jonathan didn’t understand, and perhaps it was just that he was only eight years old – all he knew was he was in Myllanthar and wanted to be home in Ohio.

Perhaps his heart did know the way home, thought Jonathan, although he had no idea how it could possibly take him from one world to another.  Maybe Arrydor, Sylth and Miylla were right, in that we travel through our dreams.  Reality proves otherwise, though, thought Jonathan – for he always woke up in the very place he went to sleep the night before.  How was traveling in one’s dreams to ever work?

Jonathan’s bed was home in his room on the Spencer Family Farm in Hampton, Ohio, which was literally a world away from where he was now.  It was too much for him to think about at the moment, and he simply resigned himself to never going home again – or seeing his parents, friends, Trooper his dog, or even his favorite cow, Lucy.

Jonathan and Sammy went for another walk through the Palace Gardens, giving Sammy a chance to fetch sticks and work off some of his pent up energy after spending most of the day in the Palace Library.  Jonathan remembered the note Arrydor had given him, asking him at the time to read it during a quiet time in the coming days.  The note was written on yellowed parchment paper and sealed with a wax seal, which looked too nice to break open.  He decided to save the note for later and put it back into his pocket.  They sun was beginning to set, and Jonathan thought about the day’s events and pondered what it all meant.

That evening Jonathan had trouble falling asleep, finding it impossible to quiet his mind having resigned himself to spending the rest of his life in Myllanthar.  Not that he minded being in Castle Penmaryll or the Kingdom of Pengarth – or the fact that he was a Knight of Pengarth after being Knighted by King Dijia – but because he simply missed his home and family.  His mind and thoughts were occupied with the images of what his life might have been like had he stayed in Ohio.  All he and Sammy ever wanted to do was go on an adventure – was it his fault they ended up in Myllanthar?  Jonathan’s mind raced ahead of him into the night trying to find an answer for the predicament they were in, but there was none to be found.

Sammy slept restlessly beside Jonathan as well, twitching his neck and legs every now and then, clearly dreaming about chasing something or being chased.  Finally, Jonathan drifted off into a very deep and troubled sleep, leaving him damp from sweat and uncomfortably restless inside, causing him to wake up a number of times in the night.  Falling back asleep again, Jonathan ventured into a dark cloud of troubled dreams.  The shrill cry of a crow startled him to his senses, and he instinctively reacted defensively in the night to protect himself – fearing another attack from the aggressive black birds in the trees high above him.

The light of the sun was blinding as he tried to open his eyes from their deep slumber, frantically attempting to locate his attacker.  Jonathan at once moved his arms to block the attack from above, while at the same time wondering how he had slept well into the day – as his mind desperately tried to wake up and come to his senses.  He was lost in the fog of an unfinished dream, while not being fully awake either – caught in limbo – a vulnerable and defenseless state between sleep and wakefulness.  Jonathan’s head was in a mist and felt like he had been struck from behind, unaware of this unseen attack in the night by bandits seeking revenge…

Jonathan’s Dream (An Adventure Novel) – Chapter Eleven, Part Three

Jonathan’s Dream (An Adventure Novel)

(Copyright 1984, Mark D. Jones, All Rights Reserved)

Chapter Eleven, Part Three


Jonathan couldn’t help but be impressed by Castle Penmaryll’s beautiful library – with its cathedral-like stonework, tall ceilings, carved beams, and walls of bookcases filled with ancient, leather-bound volumes.  Arrydor, Sylth and Miylla had been combing the historic texts all day, looking for even the smallest possible clues that might lead them to understand the process of traveling between worlds, so that he and Sammy could find their way back home to Ohio.

Sammy had been waiting very patiently for most of the day, but every now and then the two of them needed to stretch their legs and go out for a walk, before returning again to the library to see if there were any new updates.  This time as they returned to the library the search looked to be finished, as Sylth was putting away the remaining volumes set out on the table back into the bookshelves.  Arrydor motioned for Jonathan to take a seat across the long oak table from him, while Miylla sat beside Jonathan, and Sylth remained standing beside Arrydor.

“We’ve searched the ancient writings all day for clues, Jonathan,” began Arrydor. “The three of us have discussed all we know about Seerlyth Cullyan or the Veil of Separation, that took place in the Year 3287.  Essentially, Seerlyth Cullyan was a time and space shift due to the convergence of counter-rotating waves or ripples in the fabric of time.  These time waves seem to be held together and joined in place like the opposite polarity of magnets, attracted to each other by the force of their counter-rotating time phasing.  Imagine two windstorms coming together – but never joining – spinning beside each other with counter-rotating winds.”

Arrydor continued, “Somehow, you and Sammy crossed through the time and space shift between ‘wind storms’ as it were, and arrived here in our world of Myllanthar from Ohio.  Sammy has made the journey three times, which shows us that successful transitions between worlds on multiple occasions is clearly possible. We’ve never known of someone from Myllanthar who crossed over the Boundary Waters and returned here again, despite the tales of all those who have gone missing while in the Wilderness of Nyllaythel at the River Rhayden – also known to you as Stony Creek.  These lost souls have never again returned to Myllanthar.  Only Sammy has traversed the time and space shift successfully on more than one occasion.”

“All this was known to us as common understanding, Jonathan,” continued Arrydor. “However, we have learned a few small clues from the ancient texts, and used my own intuition to link them together.  Sylth and Miylla also provided new insights of their own.  It seems that there is a little-understood connection between time and space phasing, and our own thoughts – and it turns out it’s possible to link them together.  Think of the migrations of animals based on internal magnetic perception, something we no longer have access to as humans, yet it remains relevant in animals – and may help explain how Sammy traversed between our worlds three different times.”

Miylla then explained further, “Jonathan, in both people and animals, it appears there is a linkage between dreaming and the time-space continuum.  The process of dreaming appears to open a portal into the fabric of time, which somehow allowed both you and Sammy to transition between two worlds.  What we don’t fully understand, is whether there are additional worlds that could be traveled to besides Ohio and Myllanthar, and what those worlds might be.  So if you were to begin a transition into the fabric of time-space, we can’t guarantee where you’ll end up – or even if the two of you will remain together – for this is all unknown territory to us.”

Miylla looked to Sylth who then picked up the discussion, “The best we can tell, Jonathan, is that your passage back through the Veil of Separation will take place – if it ever does – at a time when you least expect it.  Keep Sammy close to you at all times, especially at night when you go to bed – for in our estimation it’s during the process of dreaming at night when the portal could open – providing you both with safe passage back to Ohio.  Otherwise, we have no further knowledge or ideas to help you, based on our study and understanding of Seerlyth Cullyan.  It’s our sincere hope and wish that you are successful in making your way home to Hampton, Ohio, and also for your being able to visit us again one day!”

Arrydor then said, “The hardest journeys are those where there is no known direction, Jonathan, yet your heart always knows the direction home.  Trust your heart to show you the way, which is why Sammy has been so successful in crossing Seerlyth Cullyan – you are his home, Jonathan – which is central to his transitioning between our two worlds.  I think he knew you would travel this way eventually, and his first visit to Myllanthar was to connect with me before returning home to you.  The third crossing was to follow you after you first crossed Stony Creek and Seerlyth Cullyan – he was merely following his heart after you.  Trust your heart, Jonathan, and Sammy will follow you wherever you go…”

Jonathan’s Dream (An Adventure Novel) – Chapter Eleven, Part Two

Jonathan’s Dream (An Adventure Novel)

(Copyright 1984, Mark D. Jones, All Rights Reserved)

Chapter Eleven, Part Two


King Dijia made his way down from Castle Penmaryll’s high tower to the Palace Gardens, where he joined Jonathan and Sammy saying, “I wish I could proclaim a decree that returns you to Ohio, Jonathan, but even a king can’t make that happen for you.  What I can do though, is gather together the best minds in Myllanthar to study the ancient texts, hoping to find a clue – any clue – that will explain the process of traveling between worlds, so you can return home, Jonathan.”

“You’ve been more than kind and generous towards Sammy and I, King Dijia, and I appreciate everything you’ve done for us,” replied Jonathan.  “Even if I never make it home to Hampton, Ohio again – staying here in Castle Penmaryll with you and your staff is the best situation I could ever hope to have, and I thank you so much!  There has to be a way home for us, and I look forward to finding out what clues can be learned from the old texts in the library.”

“Tomorrow morning, Arrydor, Sylth and Miylla will gather together in Castle Penmaryll’s library to begin searching the original volumes from the First Age, Jonathan.  As you know, each of them have lived for the entire span of time Myllanthar has existed – beginning with Arrydor, for Myllanthal created everything – including Sylth and Miylla.  Arrydor can do many things, but even he can’t understand the portal that exists between your world and ours.  Hope always remains though, Jonathan!  Since you and Sammy found your way to Myllanthar from Ohio initially – even if you never intended to come here – there has to be a way to reverse directions and allow you to return home.”

“Dijia, I have one question for you.  If Sammy and I do find our way home to Ohio, can we ever visit you again here in Castle Penmaryll?” asked Jonathan.  “We wanted to go on an adventure, and had no intention of leaving Ohio and finding our way here to Myllanthar – but if there was a way to return, it would make me very happy to see you again!”

“Of course, Jonathan – you and Sammy are always welcome in the Kingdom of Pengarth and Castle Penmaryll!  First we have to get you home safely, though.  Let’s return to the castle and find something to eat, and you and Sammy can rest and relax.  Tomorrow will be a big day for you both – especially if we discover a way that allows you to go home…”

Jonathan’s Dream (An Adventure Novel) – Chapter Eleven, Part One

Jonathan’s Dream (An Adventure Novel)

(Copyright 1984, Mark D. Jones, All Rights Reserved)

Chapter Eleven, Part One – Jonathan’s Dilemma


“Home is where the heart is, providing an oasis of nourishment and relaxation for heart, mind and soul.  If your heart longs for places far away, your mind wanders at will, and you have a restless soul – perhaps you’ve simply never found your way home…” – Mark D. Jones


Jonathan didn’t sleep well that night from all the excitement of the day.  Dijia was now king and they didn’t have to worry about riders, bandits or mercenaries any more.  On the one hand, Jonathan was very happy and excited for Dijia now that he had claimed the Throne of Pengarth.  He was also proud of having been knighted by Dijia as a Knight of Pengarth, and overjoyed with seeing Arrydor again.

On the other hand, Jonathan wondered what he would do and how he would get back to Hampton, Ohio.  He had no idea just how long he’d been in Myllanthar, or how much of the 3rd Grade he’d already missed, or how worried his parents were that he was lost.  All he and Sammy ever wanted was to go on an adventure, and it was an adventure indeed they’d gotten themselves into – but the question now was, how to find their way home?  Ohio was still very far away, and he didn’t have a clue as to what he should do to return home.  What a dilemma he was in – no wonder he hadn’t slept well!

That morning after breakfast, Jonathan and Sammy went for a walk through the Palace Gardens.  Jonathan loved the craftsmanship of all the wood and stonework he observed in Castle Penmaryll and throughout the Palace Gardens – and wished he could live in this world forever – but his heart told him he needed to return home.  It was a fine idea to live in such a world as Myllanthar, or at least to visit it when conflict hasn’t happening, but he knew his place was home in Ohio.

Ohio was Jonathan’s world, and all he’d ever known.  He was too young to stay in Myllanthar after all, and had every reason to return home – starting with his parents whom he missed.  Besides, he needed to tell his friends in school all about his latest adventure, starting with getting trapped on the other side of Stony Creek – this would be a fine story to tell – but he had to go home to tell it!

In the meantime, Jonathan wondered about what everyone thought of his going missing with Sammy, and if they were all worried about him.  Would they have called the Sheriff? thought Jonathan.  How would he make up the school he’d missed in the meantime?  The truth was he was missing his parents, his home, the Spencer Family Farm, his grandfather, Trooper, his friends and his school.  After all, they were as much part of him as he was of them…

King Dijia watched his friend Jonathan walking through the Palace Gardens from high above in the tower of Castle Penmaryll, and could see the sadness in Jonathan’s shoulders as he walked slowly beside Sammy through the splendid grounds.  It was hard for him to see his friend in such a state, when he himself had returned to rule a kingdom.  There had to be something he could do to take care of his dear friend Jonathan, and find a way for him to return home…