Book One – Jonathan’s Dream (An Adventure Novel)

‘Jonathan’s Amazing Adventures: Book One – Jonathan’s Dream (An Adventure Novel)’ is the first episode in a trilogy of adventures I’ve written about young Jonathan and his dog Sammy, who live on a farm in rural Ohio and go on adventures together – not adventures in the normal sense, but to another world filled with castles, knights, an epic quest and a great battle pitting light against darkness…

“This was but a small corner of the Spencer Farm, but Jonathan didn’t know that at the time.  In fact, he wasn’t sure of much anything at all.  For you see, poor Jonathan, being only eight years old – eight and a half if you were to ask him yourself – was lost.  Oh, he wasn’t lost in the usual sense, as if he had wandered too far afield chasing rabbits, as he often had a habit of doing.  His mother had gone looking for him many times before after he had gone off adventuring in the fields, but this time was different and he knew it.”

Kindle Version (Free with Kindle Unlimited) – open post to view link:

Paperback Version:



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