My Book: Book Three – Jonathan’s Wish (An Adventure Novel)

I’ve completed the Jonathan’s Amazing Adventures trilogy and my 17th book with Jonathan’s Amazing Adventures: Book Three – Jonathan’s Wish (An Adventure Novel).  This trilogy is an American tale set in rural Ohio in 1960 about boys and their dogs, dreams and adventures, journeys and quests, and kingdoms and castles on the far side of imagination.  Here’s an excerpt from Book Three – Jonathan’s Wish (An Adventure Novel):

“Book Two in this trilogy of Jonathan’s Amazing Adventures introduced a quest to defeat and slay a dragon of unimaginable size and power, yet much of the danger Jonathan and Sammy find themselves facing in this tale remains unseen – filling them with dread from a threat that could be anywhere and nowhere at the same time.  They find themselves in places and situations never experienced before in their short history of fantastic adventures and quests.  Can they face this new danger and the challenges it presents without succumbing to the paralyzing fear conjured up inside them, while battling through this quandary to reach new lands, peoples and kingdoms?  This could be Jonathan and Sammy’s most challenging adventure to date, for so little is known or understood by them from the beginning to the end of their quest, leaving them little to go by and most everything to fear.  Yet, they can’t accept failure, as there’s too much at stake here to give up – Princess Aydreanna of the Kingdom of Arwyall…

What is the process through which we can transport ourselves to new worlds, new lives, new awareness, new perspectives and new realities?  For most, it is a vicarious experience of daydreams and wishes, of hopeful thoughts and passionate desires – to go somewhere, to be someone, to do something and to experience life as it hasn’t been before.  We hold within us hopes and dreams, and the passion to follow our hearts, but to make those wishes our reality often requires years and decades of dedicated blood, sweat and tears.  So the fact that David Alexander Spencer first discovered the ability to travel between worlds in the here and now, and to actually create and participate in those worlds in real time, makes for a stupendous discovery indeed.  It is also an ability that Jonathan and Sammy have learned through trial, error and enlightenment from Grandpa Spencer’s explanations as well…  Cheers!  Mark”

Here’s the Kindle Link – free to read with Kindle Unlimited (view this post online to see the link):

Here’s a link to the Paperback version (242 pages, 6″x9″ format):

Amazon Author Page – Mark D. Jones:



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