My Book – Jonathan’s Amazing Adventures: Book One – Jonathan’s Dream (An Adventure Novel)

Here’s an excerpt from the Preface of my book Jonathan’s Amazing Adventures: Book One – Jonathan’s Dream (An Adventure Novel)

“Jonathan’s Dream (An Adventure Novel) evolved in ways I never considered when the story first unfolded.  It’s a story about young boys and their dreams of adventure, which also explores issues and themes that are timeless and cross-cultural.  It captures my imagination for adventure, as well as the thoughts of young children everywhere – dreaming of all that lies beyond their present circumstances and known boundaries.

Few children are content to stay within the borders that define their worlds.  It is this same thirst for adventure that fuels our imagination and drives us to seek our fortunes, explore the unexplored and challenges us to reach for the stars.  May the spirit of adventure that lives in our hearts never die and may we always explore beyond the boundaries of our worlds – wherever it takes us!”

Link to the Kindle Version – free to read with Kindle Unlimited:

Link to the Paperback Version – 350 pages, 6″x9″ format:

Link to my Amazon Author Page – Mark D. Jones:



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