My Latest Book: Jonathan’s Amazing Adventures: Book One – Jonathan’s Dream (An Adventure Novel)

I’ve just published my latest book – my 15th: Jonathan’s Amazing Adventures: Book One – Jonathan’s Dream (An Adventure Novel)  This is my first novel and Part One of a trilogy soon to be published.  I’ve been working on this adventure series on and off since starting Jonathan’s Dream in early 1984, and the paperback version is 349 pages long and the Kindle version is free to read on Kindle Unlimited.

Kindle Link (view this email online to see the link):

Paperback Link:

About this Book:

“This was but a small corner of the Spencer Farm, but Jonathan didn’t know that at the time.  In fact, he really wasn’t sure of much of anything at all.  For you see, poor Jonathan, being only eight years old – eight and a half if you were to ask him yourself – was lost.  Oh, he wasn’t lost in the usual sense, as if he had wandered too far afield chasing rabbits, as he often had a habit of doing.  His mother had gone looking for him many times before after he had gone off adventuring in the fields, but this time was different and he knew it.  It was only yesterday he had set out on his latest adventure, not knowing that it would be different from all the rest…”

About the Author:

“I first began writing Jonathan’s Dream (An Adventure Novel) in early 1984 and have been working on this story, and Jonathan and Sammy’s two follow-on adventures ever since stumbling on the tale by accident when the first two paragraphs revealed themselves to me in my free-form writing exercise through serendipity.  These sentences beckoned me into a world I’d never visited before and there was little I could do but decide to explore it myself.  In essence, not only had Jonathan found himself in an adventure that was greater than he had ever imagined, but I was pulled into a literary adventure I’d never expected to take as well!  Cheers!  Mark”

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