Jonathan’s Wish (An Adventure Novel) – Book Three, Chapter Four, Part Four

Jonathan’s Wish (An Adventure Novel)

(Copyright 1984, Mark D. Jones, All Rights Reserved)

Book Three, Chapter Four, Part Four


“There are other perils we face, Jonathan,” continued Maestyg.  “The third aspect of sailing into the Endless Eastern Sea is the fact we have limited supplies, and without replenishing them, we will soon run out of food and fresh water.  Our dried fish will last only two weeks at the longest, but our water will run out much sooner – no longer than a week from now.  We have to hope a rain squall provides some runoff from our longboat’s cover, so we can capture it anyway we can find, like that bucket over there under the bench.  Without rainwater to collect, it won’t matter if there are sea monsters and doldrums in these waters, we won’t live long enough to ever have to face them.”

“I saw a fishing net in the front of the boat, Maestyg, can’t we fish for our supper?”

“Of course we can, Jonathan, we’ll spread the net out behind the longboat and haul it in every so often to see if we’ve caught anything.  Also, if a fish jumps into the boat on its own, make sure to grab it so it doesn’t flop back into the water.  We need to take advantage of every situation we can, because otherwise, it might be our last.”

“So, besides not having enough food and water, is there anything else we need to worry about, Maestyg?”

“There are three more concerns, Jonathan.  The first is, the fact that we can go mad out here on the sea if things don’t go well, drifting endlessly while awaiting our fates.  At least we have a steady breeze for the moment to take advantage of, but there’s no knowing how long it will last.  The second, is to ensure we maintain a course of due east, otherwise we may turn circles at sea, without going anywhere.  We’ll need a system to maintain watch, and I’ll show you how to navigate by the sun and stars.”

“What’s the third thing?”

“The third worry we face, besides everything else I’ve already mentioned, is the fact we’re heading towards an endless horizon, without any known destination.  No one has ever known of a land mass existing out here in the Endless Eastern Sea, and because of that, we’re on a one-way voyage to nowhere.  If there was something out there, some island or continent, wouldn’t you think there would have been contact and trade over the years?  Instead, there’s been nothing at all, so as far as we know, there’s nothing our here but an endless horizon.”

“Well, I think that’s a long enough list of problems we face, at least I now know what we’re up against.”

“Oh, I just thought of another possibility – pirates…”

“Pirates?  Out here?”

“Yes, of course, Jonathan.  Pirates are known to sail in all the seas surrounding Myllanthar, so this would be no different.  The advantage of a pirate ship, is that they have a crew of a hundred men or more to row around the clock if they lose the wind.  They’re known to raid anything at sea – even ghost ships trapped in the doldrums.  The crews of the ghost ships may have long ago perished, but their cargo remains intact, just waiting for pirates to claim it…”

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