Jonathan’s Wish (An Adventure Novel) – Book Three, Chapter Three, Part Five

Jonathan’s Wish (An Adventure Novel)

(Copyright 1984, Mark D. Jones, All Rights Reserved)

Book Three, Chapter Three, Part Five


Jonathan had time to ponder their circumstances as Sammy returned to chasing the waves, while Maestyg went up the cliff face to retrieve something for them to eat.  ‘What a situation,’ thought Jonathan about the pickle they’d found themselves in.  Of all places to end up in, the Island Fortress of Tyull wasn’t anywhere on his list of preferred places.  It was simply their reality, though, and all the wishful thinking in the world wouldn’t change it.  ‘Perhaps the idea of sailing to Myllanthar is a doable option,’ he quietly pondered, while trying to remember anything he’d ever read about how to sail a boat – it wasn’t a very long list…

Maestyg soon returned with a good quantity of smoked fish for them to eat, and reassured Jonathan that it had been properly deboned for Sammy.  “The tribe is gathering supplies for your journey at the moment, and they will soon head out to supply one of the guards’ sailboats for your use – that is, should we be able to evade them on the way there, of course.  Our people eat the offerings of the sea here on Tyull, and drink spring water that flows out of this sandstone rock formation, so your provisions will consist of smoked fish and water flasks.  They should last you for at least two weeks, and then after that, you’ll have to fish for your own supper.  We’re providing you with a catch basin to accumulate rainwater as well, and perhaps the guards’ sailboat will have other supplies you can make use of.  Whatever you do, don’t let the guards catch you in a second boat if you do manage to get away, for I’m afraid that would result in a very bad outcome for you both.”

“Now that the full moon has set, we can begin the trek of circling to the other side of the island.  Here’s a parcel of food and water to put into your backpack, Master Jonathan, and hopefully the guards aren’t making their rounds over the next few hours.”

The three of them set off down the narrow rocky beach towards the southern tip of the island, talking about many different topics concerning both Tyull and Hampton, Ohio.  To anyone observing him, it would have appeared as though Jonathan was talking to thin air, or to Sammy, as Maestyg remained in his transparent state for the journey.  They came upon additional tunnel entrances opening into the sides of the sandstone cliff, but luckily, they all remained unguarded – or at least that’s how they appeared.  Jonathan thought to himself that, ‘The Island Fortress of Tyull doesn’t get many voluntary visitors it appears, so the guards don’t have to worry much about the island’s beachfront security.’  What he didn’t realize though, was that the island was full of many watchful eyes, and his and Sammy’s progress was being tracked even as they made their way down the beach.

The guards had only detected a boy and his dog walking along the beach, so they only sent three guards to ambush, confront and capture them once they rounded the southern tip of the island, where they would have the element of complete surprise.  Why a boy and a dog would be strolling down the beach of the Island Fortress of Tyull stumped them, for everyone in Myllanthar knew of the island’s terrible reputation, so the guards wanted to find out more information from them after their capture.  Their presence on the island might be a ruse for an attempted invasion of the island the guards calculated between themselves, and the more information they could get out of the boy the better.

The southern point of the island was the ideal place for an ambush, as the steep cliffs prevented anyone from seeing around the corner of the beach until it was too late.  When Jonathan and Sammy rounded the cliff face, the three guards pounced on them grabbing Jonathan by the arms, but missed nabbing Sammy, who went into a snarling and barking attack against the guards.  Two of the guards were needed to fend off Sammy’s attacks, while the third held Jonathan securely by both arms from behind him.  “Let me go,” yelled Jonathan, “You have no right to grab me that way, and leave my dog alone!”

In the midst of this confusion between three struggling guards, one snarling and biting dog, and a boy screaming to be released, there suddenly came upon them a hundred individual voices out of nowhere chanting to release the boy.  The one guard holding Jonathan asked the other two fending off Sammy what the voices were, clearly frightened by a multitude of unseen figures.  Jonathan seized his opportunity and yelled out, “The voices you hear are the ghost army I’ve brought with me to liberate Tyull!  You had all better leave this island now, or these ghosts will haunt you every day of your lives!  You’re bad people doing bad things here, and I won’t have it – flee the island, or the ghosts will make you pay!”

With that, the guards were so frightened they ran away towards the nearest tunnel opening into the cliff, as Jonathan called after them, “You can’t hide from ghosts – they’ll get you in the end!”


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