Jonathan’s Wish (An Adventure Novel) – Book Three, Chapter Three, Part Four

Jonathan’s Wish (An Adventure Novel)

(Copyright 1984, Mark D. Jones, All Rights Reserved)

Book Three, Chapter Three, Part Four


“What are we to do, Maestyg, and where are we to go?” pleaded Jonathan, suddenly overcome by the reality of having found themselves on an island fortress, surrounded by danger everywhere around them.  “Sammy and I can’t remain here, and risk being captured and worse.”

“You’re right there, Master Jonathan, you mustn’t remain here – you’ll have to go,” replied Maestyg with an air of certainty.  “There is nothing for you here on the Island Fortress of Tyull…”

“We can’t return up the staircase, because the entrance into the caverns is blocked.  We can’t swim across the Sea of Tollvar to Myllanthar either.  What are we to do?”

Maestyg thought about Jonathan and Sammy’s predicament for a moment and replied, “Well, I suppose invisibility isn’t an option for either of you.  Getting caught by the guards of Tyull would be tragic though, and the end of you – so we can’t let that happen – and there’s no place for you to hide on this narrow beach.  Climbing the cliff to our dwellings isn’t a possibility either, or else the  guards would have done that ages ago.  I suppose you’ll have to sail away from the island.”

“Sail away?” queried Jonathan, “But how?  I don’t see any boats here, and the guards are sure to come after us.”

“That they are, Master Jonathan, but I have a plan.  It may not work though, and if that’s the case you’ll both be caught.  It’s your only hope, so I don’t think you have much of a choice in the matter.”

“Okay, if it’s our only choice – where’s this boat?”

“It’s on the other side of Tyull, on the eastern side of the island.  If you want to sail to Myllanthar, you’ll have to circle back around the island and sail west – otherwise you’ll be carried by the winds into the endless Eastern Sea.  Do you know how to sail?”

“I’ve never sailed before, Maestyg, but I’ll figure it out somehow.  I’ll just sail towards the sunset and away from the sunrise.”

“Good plan.  I’ll have our tribe move enough supplies to where the boat is, and then we’ll travel together in the dark around the island – it’ll take us a few hours, and hopefully we’ll miss the guards’ evening patrols.”

“How can your people move supplies without at least the supplies being seen, Maestyg – they’re not invisible.”

“The clothes we wear and the things we carry, mimic the same frequency shift of our own oscillating atoms, rendering them invisible as well.”

“If you carried me on your back, wouldn’t I then become invisible, too?  Someone else could carry Sammy.”

“Oh, right – I never thought of it that way.  Let’s give it a try.  Call Sammy over and I’ll pick him up, and you can tell me if you can see him as I increase my atoms’ vibrational frequency.”

Sammy ran over from playing in the waves, and once Maestyg had him in his arms, Maestyg turned invisible, but Sammy remained in plain sight elevated above the beach as if he was floating.  “It didn’t work, Maestyg – I can’t see you, but I can still see Sammy.”

“Sorry about that, it must be because you’re not from here.  It was a good try though – the idea was right, but we couldn’t have known it wouldn’t work unless we tried it.”  Maestyg placed Sammy down again, and Sammy sat down at Jonathan’s side.  “Well let’s get started then, invisibility or not.  You two must be hungry – let me go up the cliff to retrieve something for you to eat, and tell my tribe our plan…”

“One quick question, Maestyg, before you go – whose boat will we be using?”

“Oh, the guards’ boat of course, they’re the only ones who have anything on Tyull.  Except for my people, there’s nothing and no one not under the control of the fortress – except you two, of course – at least for now.  They won’t be happy with you for taking their boat though, so you can expect them to come after you, unless of course, you venture into the Eastern Sea.  No one goes there, and if you do, you’ll perish after running out of supplies – for there’s nothing in the Eastern Sea but the endless horizon…”

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