Jonathan’s Wish (An Adventure Novel) – Book Three, Chapter Three, Part Three

Jonathan’s Wish (An Adventure Novel)

(Copyright 1984, Mark D. Jones, All Rights Reserved)

Book Three, Chapter Three, Part Three



“What?  Who said that?  Sammy, run back over here – right away,” said Jonathan, even more confused than he had been a second earlier.

“I said that – you’re on the Island of Tyull.”

“The Island of Tyull?  Who are you?  Where are you?  I don’t see anyone…” replied Jonathan, not understanding what was happening.  Sammy came straight back, and Jonathan took a good look at him, quizzically half-expecting that Sammy had learned to talk.

“Who are you, and why do you want to know who I am?  You asked a question, and I gave you an answer.  What’s to understand?” the mysterious voice said out of seemingly thin air.

“I’m Jonathan and this is my dog Sammy, and we’re from Hampton, Ohio.  What do you mean I’m on the Island of Tyull?” mustered up Jonathan, trying to remain calm while clearly agitated at speaking to the air around him.

“What more is there to say, besides that’s where you are.  I’ve never heard of this place Ohio you’re talking about, and it’s important for me to know who you are before I show myself to you, as this is not a safe place, this Island of Tyull,” explained the voice, carefully measuring up Jonathan and Sammy.

Jonathan paused for a second as he began to understand what was going on, before saying, “I once heard of this Island of Tyull from Gramps – perhaps you know him.  He also goes by the names of Illandor, Arrydor and Myllanthal.  Do you know him?”

“Oh, Myllanthal, he visited here once, but was in a tremendous hurry to leave.  Yes, I helped him escape from the Fortress of Tyull – not a pleasant place to be.  Not a pleasant place at all.  Do all you can to avoid it.”

“Well, Myllanthal’s a friend of mine, and I’m glad we understand each other now, but I still can’t see you.  Where are you?”

“Oh, that – sorry,” replied the voice as a shape slowly formed in front of Jonathan.  “I forget about the invisibility thing all the time when meeting outsiders.  I’m Maestyg, of the Dowylais.  We’re Cliff Dwellers, living in these cliffs,” explained the shape before Jonathan, still seemingly assembling itself into a unified form.  After a few more moments, the person was visible to Jonathan and fully-functioning, yet having an air of translucence to it similar to the Myull and the Sylth.

“Very nice to meet you, Maestyg.  Why the invisibility, and why do you live in these cliffs?  What is this island all about?” replied Jonathan, not truly understanding what was going on here.

“The Fortress of Tyull is a terrible place, Master Jonathan, and our people use invisibility as a means of escaping the guards.  This is not a good place to be – how did you escape the guards on the stairway to arrive here?”

“We didn’t see any guards on the staircase, Maestyg – the staircase came straight down.  There was only one side passageway that we saw, but the air was too foul in it to chose that route, and we ended up here on the beach.”

“There are many side tunnels off the staircase, Jonathan.  They go everywhere under the fortress.  The guards mustn’t have seen your torch, Master Jonathan.”

“We traveled down the stairs in the dark, and only once used my flashlight for a brief moment.”

“Ah, that explains it then – the guards weren’t looking for anyone in the dark.  They must have been preoccupied in a side passageway the moment you used your light.  You’re very lucky, Master Jonathan, very lucky indeed, otherwise you’d be in a prison cell now deep within this mountain…”

“Why do your people live here then, Maestyg, if Tyull’s such a terrible place?” asked Jonathan, as Sammy chased more incoming waves.

“The guards don’t bother us, because most of the time they never see us due to our invisibility.  We rarely revert to the opaque versions of ourselves.  We can choose to be either opaque, translucent or transparent, which is invisible.  We do this by manipulating the frequency shift of our body’s atoms – the faster the vibration of the atoms, the more light is able to pass through them.  It’s a process of harmonics.  When the atoms of our being correlate to a harmonic of the frequency of visible light, we then appear invisible to anyone looking at us,” explained Maestyg.  “The other effect a higher frequency shift creates, is for us to become lighter than air and defy gravity.  The faster the vibrational frequency of our atoms, the less effect gravity has on them, until at a certain point, gravity has no affect on us at all.  That’s why we can ascend these cliffs and live within the openings.  The guards can’t touch us – but they can and will find you here…”


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