Jonathan’s Wish (An Adventure Novel) – Book Three, Chapter One, Part Eight

Jonathan’s Wish (An Adventure Novel)

(Copyright 1984, Mark D. Jones, All Rights Reserved)

Book Three, Chapter One, Part Eight


“How can that be, Gramps?” asked Jonathan.  “Our first adventure to Myllanthar was when Sammy knocked me over on the tractor path beside the cornfield, but it seemed like I was gone for ages.  Our second adventure started after my foot went through the apple crate in the cellar and I fell over.  Again, it seemed I was gone forever.”

“It’s simple, Jonathan.  In both cases your mind was focused on adventure through the use of your imagination.  Sammy’s so connected to you and the adventures you both love, that the two of you are of the same mind in many ways.  Those two sudden and unexpected incidents caused your consciousness to leave immediately, instead of having encouraged it to depart.  Once you’ve gone beyond space and time, there’s no concept of distance or time to reference.  A single second on earth can expand into a thousand years when outside our understanding of what time is.  The same goes for distance.”

David continued, “When I first transitioned my thoughts and consciousness beyond my mind – traveling to the other side of imagination – I was initially in a dark place with only my awareness.  After a while, it seemed I was on the far side of everything there ever was.  A saw our universe like a thick sheet of glass extending into the distance, with countless stars and galaxies immersed within it.  Our entire universe was condensed two-dimensionally within what appeared to be a single sheet of glass, and I was on the outside at some distance away viewing it,” explained David.

Continuing, he said, “As I was floating outside our universe, I then imagined another world intersecting it perpendicularly, like a second plate of glass passing through it.  As I thought of this, a flat plane like glass did exactly as I had imagined – but instead of being filled with galaxies and stars like our universe was – it was transparent and empty.  It was then that I realized I would have to create this new world myself.  As I pondered how to create a new land within this sheet of empty glass, the notion came to me that ‘my-land-there’ or ‘my-lan-thar’ would first need a name, and the name ‘Myllanthar’ popped into my awareness.  This was the beginning of creating the world you visited, and the one we both love.  I recalled an adventure I once took through the idyllic land of Wales, and was inspired to write a poem about this new world I would create.”


An Ode to Myllanthar

In a land so dear,

and, alas, so far…

There’s a place,

where my heart dwells…

That exists,

beyond stars…


In a distant valley,

of green fields, and dreams…

A tale of wonder,

idyllic, but true…

You may think it mere wishes,

an enchantment, it seems…


A vision beyond time,

in a land, that’s afar…

My soul aims to linger,

beside waters, so clear…

To rest while I’m able,

in the land of, Myllanthar…


A caretaker of dreams,

a weaver, of tales…

Some say I’m a dreamer,

and under, some spell…

Yet, one day I did visit,

A land, they call Wales…


For that was my pattern,

my template, of dreams…

To build on that beauty,

an enchantment of wonder…

Of green fields and valleys,

of mountains, and streams…


I’ve tried,

to remain thoughtful…

To my visions,

and dreams…

To this spirit within me,

the one named, Myllanthal.


“That was the beginning of my efforts to create this new world and vision that I held in my heart, Jonathan.  I recalled a beautiful valley in Wales that was lovely beyond belief, and all my memories of that land formed the template of what I would create in Myllanthar – but it would take many, many months  to complete,” recalled David.

“Do you think I could create a world of my own someday, Gramps?  Sammy and I would love that!” Jonathan exclaimed.  “We have lots of ideas from our own adventures, it would be perfect!”

“You sure could, Jonathan, with more experience.  It took me such a long time to create Myllanthar, and I had the benefit of many more years of learning and experience to work from.  For now, I recommend visiting Myllanthar as often as you can.  You will gain lots of expertise at traveling beyond space and time, which is what you need prior to creating an entirely new world of your own – but one day you can do it.  You’ve already demonstrated the ability to travel between worlds, but first you need to practice doing it whenever you want to, because it takes lots of effort and trips to build an entire world.  Eventually, you’ll become very good at just closing your eyes to free your thoughts and release your consciousness to travel beyond space and time.  Once you can do this anytime and anywhere you want, you’re ready to create your own world!”

“I’ll start practicing right away, Gramps – can we go there now?” queried Jonathan.

“Right now your mother’s expecting us back soon, Jonathan, but while we walk back to the house we can talk about school.  You’ll have a new fondness for school before we reach the house, I promise…”