Jonathan’s Wish (An Adventure Novel) – Book Three, Chapter One, Part Seven

Jonathan’s Wish (An Adventure Novel)

(Copyright 1984, Mark D. Jones, All Rights Reserved)

Book Three, Chapter One, Part Seven


“We begin with the process of navigating through your mind, Jonathan, because for me, I’ve always followed a single path to go beyond my imagination.  You may use a similar pathway, and there could also be a different way that you’ll discover for yourself – but this is my process.  The first step is get into a mindset that I’ll call the ‘zone.’  It’s when you’re doing or thinking about something so intensely and you’re so focused on it, that you lose all awareness of time.  When you’re concentrating hard like this, time doesn’t seem to exist, and you even forget to do things like eat.  Have you ever found yourself so immersed in what you’re doing, that this has ever happened to you, Jonathan?” began David, starting his explanation of how to travel beyond and between worlds.

“I have, Gramps, lots of times!  It happens every time Sammy and I go adventuring, and we never return home on time.  We could easily go all day and not pay attention to anything except for the adventure we’re on.  Mom always has a few words to say when we return late, but I really think she understands.  She says lots of serious words about returning home on time and things like that, but then she gives us something to eat because she can’t ever stay angry with us,” replied Jonathan thoughtfully.

Gramps continued, “Good, because this zone is the beginning of traveling between worlds for me.  Once you realize you’re in this zone, you can transition into the second phase of the process.  With experience, you can go from a normal day into this mental zone almost at will.  At this point, you simply allow your thoughts to float freely.  I think of my own thoughts as floating ever higher towards the top of my head.  You may find a different technique that works better for you.  Once you recognize you’re in this zone, Jonathan, just let your thoughts float on their own.  Has this ever happened to you?”

“Well, sometimes at night when I’m thinking instead of sleeping, I’ve imagined myself floating out of my body when I’ve been very still for a long period of time.  I almost think I’m lifting off my bed, but I don’t think it really happens, it just feels that way,” explained Jonathan, trying to describe his feelings.

“That’s the same process I’m describing, Jonathan,” replied David.  “You see, we’re normally aware of our thoughts within our minds as we’re thinking them, almost like we can ‘see’ them visually.  However, when we’re thinking or imagining ideas to ourselves, these thoughts and images travel independently through our minds.  It’s like they’re swirling around inside our heads.  This second phase is the process of seeing thoughts and images within your mind.  Do you know what this is like, Jonathan?”

“Oh sure, Gramps, I have thoughts, ideas and pictures floating around in my head all the time – especially in school when I daydream and look out the windows.”

“Good, Jonathan.  We’ll talk about school on our way back to the house, but that’s another subject.  For now, we’ll concentrate on describing our thoughts.  Once you’re aware of the thoughts and images swirling around your mind, the important thing is to focus on this sensation of floating like you’ve had before.  Sometimes closing your eyes helps with this, because you can see your thoughts better when your eyes are closed and you don’t have any distractions.  Once you can mentally see your thoughts, pictures and ideas swirling around in your mind, and begin to experience a sensation of floating, you simply release your thoughts from your mind.  What this effectively does, is to free your thoughts to go beyond your imagination – and beyond space and time.”

David continued, “This is critical, because once your thoughts are independent from your mind, you can begin the final phase.  You see, once your thoughts float freely beyond your mind, your consciousness must follow them.  It’s not enough to simply free your thoughts, but what’s needed is to free your awareness to go with them in what I call a ‘release.’  This ‘release’ is just ‘letting go’ to allow your consciousness to join your thoughts.  You continue this floating sensation until you’ve joined your thoughts outside your mind.  Your thoughts will evaporate on their own if your awareness doesn’t follow along with them.  It’s all very simple in practice, Jonathan.  You find your zone, allow your thoughts to float freely first in your mind and then beyond your mind and body, and then release your consciousness to join them.  At that point, you’re free of the confines of your body to travel between worlds.”

“What happens to the rest of me once my awareness floats free, Gramps?  What about my body?” questioned Jonathan.

“Traveling beyond space and time outside our world, Jonathan, takes just a blink of an eye.  It doesn’t matter how long you’re gone for in another world – days, weeks, months or years.  You appear to anyone else in our world to be lost deep in thought or daydreaming, that’s all.  Your body here remains the same and doesn’t notice that your awareness left for a second.  It’s your awareness that travels beyond the stars, beyond the universe, and beyond space and time…”

“Is that how Sammy and I traveled to Myllanthar before, Gramps?”

“Yes, Jonathan.  It takes but a heartbeat here on earth to experience an entire adventure beyond the stars – and to create new worlds to explore.  For a moment here on earth, can be an eternity beyond time…”

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