Jonathan’s Wish (An Adventure Novel) – Book Three, Chapter One, Part Two

Jonathan’s Wish (An Adventure Novel)

(Copyright 1984, Mark D. Jones, All Rights Reserved)

Book Three, Chapter One, Part Two


Julia watched from the kitchen screen door, as Grandpa Spencer and her son walked towards the wheat field – the opposite direction of where her husband Thomas was driving the tractor in the soybean field. She had mixed emotions at watching the pair of them walking towards the distant woods beyond the fields, knowing they were two peas of the same pod with an undeniable connection between them both, but part of her wanted to accompany them.  She had never acknowledged her interests in adventures to either her husband or her son before, instead playing the role of the serious mom who had to guide Jonathan into responsible behaviors, like school.  At the same time, she realized what a gravitational pull adventures had on her son, and couldn’t deny the look of excitement in his eyes whenever the subject came up, but for the first time, she felt it, too.

Why had she denied this part of her personality to herself all this time?  She had compartmentalized her longing for adventures ever once Jonathan first showed his interest in adventuring, especially after her husband had reacted so strenuously against even the idea.  It had been much more important at the time to make peace in the family she thought, and denied the feelings she had of joining Jonathan in his adventurous ways.  She also knew a secret that her husband, Thomas, revealed to her once in a moment of weakness in the early days of their marriage, which was that he resented his father’s free-spirited ways, and how he suffered in his father’s absence during his long periods of being away from home.

She understood that Thomas was only trying to protect his son from all the same mistakes his own father had made, but it was undeniable that there was a hint of jealously in his focus on being the responsible one.  She remembered once in the early days of their dating each other, that Thomas had whimsically admitted he’d love to go on an adventure himself, while watching a documentary about mountaineering – but in the same breath, stated it wasn’t ever possible, because of how irresponsible his father had been when he was growing up.  Julia surmised that what her husband really meant to say, was that he’d wished his father had taken him with him on his adventures, and now he was jealous of the attention David Alexander Spencer had always lavished on Jonathan.

It wasn’t an easy exercise, but Julie was trying her best to explore the area beyond her imagination in her mind, in order to make some sense of these seemingly random images and notions that had always floated through her awareness.  Watching and listening to Grandpa Spencer explaining the items Jonathan so treasured had been a catalyst of sorts, creating even more images within her mind’s eye.  Something about the words ‘Talgarth’ and ‘Talgar’ stood out to her in ways she couldn’t quite understand, all the while hearing the word ‘princess’ resonating in her mind.  However, it was the pull of her heartstrings that couldn’t be denied, as she watched Gramps and Jonathan disappear into the distant treeline.  She knew she wanted to go with them, and just perhaps, the next time she would.

Yet at the same time, she dismissed the idea completely out of hand, and knew her husband wouldn’t hear of it, or anything to do with the subject of adventures and dreams.  Perhaps there was a way ahead towards her own wishes and dreams after all, she thought, and began to ponder various ideas and options on the way ahead.  While she wasn’t a blood relative of her father-in-law, she did share the same flesh and blood with her son, and could no longer deny the idea of living an adventurous life herself.  Thomas might be dead set against it now, but perhaps she could slowly begin to influence him in ways to realize what he had always denied to himself, that it was his own wish to see life as a great adventure – and she knew the very way to achieve it!

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