Jonathan’s Return (An Adventure Novel) – Book Two, Chapter Nine, Part Three

Jonathan’s Return (An Adventure Novel)

(Copyright 1984, Mark D. Jones, All Rights Reserved)

Book Two, Chapter Nine, Part Three


It was an amazing series of events everyone had just witnessed, the reunion with Arrydor, the release of the prisoners, the declaration of a new day and new age within the Kingdom of Talgar and Myllanthar, and seeing the former rogue riders of Nierron serving and assisting those in need within the gathered crowds.  Jyulia couldn’t believe all she had just seen, and realized her dreams of a restored Kingdom of Talgar to its former Shining Light were more than a waking dream – it was actually happening right before her eyes!  Thomar helped her dismount, and then the two of them greeted Arrydor as the lifelong friend he was to them, ever since rescuing them as young children from the evil intentions of Vyanthal, and whisking them to safety under the care of King Tyijar in the Kingdom of Pengarth to the south.

Jonathan was just itching to ask Gramps a question, and couldn’t hold back any longer, asking, “Why were you standing there without moving in the middle of the road, Gramps?  Couldn’t you see it was us approaching you?  I thought someone was looking to cause us trouble…”

“Trouble, Jonathan, why no, not at all.  I’d known you were on the way ever since leaving Thomar’s cabin.  The Rhayander have been following you from the sky ever since you departed Myullar Wood.  I stood in the road so as to not miss your arrival this afternoon, lost in thought about all the work that needs to be done to restore the Kingdom of Talgar and Myllanthar to the garden oasis and beautiful land that it was always meant to be.  My pondering always takes me away from the events surrounding me, and fortunately for me, I had my staff to lean on so I didn’t fall over!” said Arrydor with a grin, knowing he was more than capable of being aware of everything happening around him, while at the same time being miles away deep in thought.

Arrydor then gathered them all together around him, including the vast crowd of people that had gathered alongside the road, saying, “Follow me to the Sparkling Jewel that is the City of Talgarth!  The dragon did little damage to the city and area, as it mostly made its way east along the Tregarrons through Talgarth Wood.  I’ve gathered as many craftsmen and artisans as I could find on short notice, and we’ve been restoring Talgarth to its former glory ever since – however, there is much work to be done, which requires the assistance of many hands.  I put out word for citizens of the kingdom everywhere to gather here along Talgarth Road, to celebrate Jonathan’s defeat of the dragon, and to repopulate Talgar’s Sparkling Jewel – the City of Talgarth!  Come, follow me, as it will take all of us to restore the city and crown Jonathan as the new King of Talgar!

Arrydor turned and immediately began walking towards the crest of the ridge line, pausing to take in the views of the setting sun over the Talgar Mountains, the sparkling waters of the Inland Sea of Talgar, and the shining, polished domes of Talgarth below them.  The trees that had overgrown the city during the past 37 years, were all pruned and neatly trimmed, the streets swept, and as much as could be accomplished in a short time period had already been done.  Yet, the city required a population of willing and able bodied citizens to truly make it the living and breathing garden oasis and Sparkling Jewel that it had once been, and was always meant to be…

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