Jonathan’s Return (An Adventure Novel) – Book Two, Chapter Seven, Part Nine

Jonathan’s Return (An Adventure Novel)

(Copyright 1984, Mark D. Jones, All Rights Reserved)

Book Two, Chapter Seven, Part Nine


“How is it that you know Gramps, Thomar?” asked Jonathan innocently, “And where is he now?  I wish he’d visit us here in the cabin.”

Thomar smiled at the question concerned Arrydor, saying, “Arrydor, or Gramps as you refer to him, Jonathan, has many responsibilities to both the land and its people – not just here in the Kingdom of Talgar – but throughout Myllanthar as well.  That he didn’t stay to greet you, must mean he considers you and Sammy to be in our good hands, but no one knows his mind.  How he came to know both myself and Jyulia is another question, and one that is just as complicated, but I’ll try to summarize our relationship with Arrydor as simply as I can explain it.”

“The throne of the Kingdom of Talgar was once in the City of Talgarth in the years before the takeover by Vyanthal – who declared Talgarth to be a forbidden and abandoned city – forcing everyone to leave, and then moved the capitol to the City of Rhyll north of here, on the coast of the Sea of Tollvar.  The recent terror of the dragon in and around Talgarth was yet another blow to the jewel that was once the finest of cities.  Arrydor himself was once the King of the Kingdom of Talgar at the beginning of the Second Age of Myllanthar, in order to create a respectful rule of law and justice within the kingdom.  Arrydor then turned the Throne of Talgar over to Queen Anallyita, and the kingdom was ruled ever since by a succession of queens – until the usurper Vyanthal seized power by force.  Jyulia is descended from this historic ancestry of Talgar Queens, but her claim to the throne is second to yours, as yours in the more ancient claim dating back to the earliest days of the First Age.”

Jonathan’s eyes grew wide as he listened to Thomar’s explanation, turning to look at Jyulia and bowing towards her, as she curtsied in return to Jonathan.  To be in the presence of future royalty was something that took him completely by surprise.  Meanwhile, Sammy listened with big ears while chewing on his bone beside the fireplace, having been given a deep sense of understanding concerning human nature by Gramps, back in the dwelling of Tywyn.  That’s not to say Sammy understood everything being discussed, only generalities and intention, combined with a greater awareness of responsibility.  Sammy’s loyalty to Jonathan was fast and true, along with his desire to understand and support his master’s needs without being directed to do so.

Thomar continued, “My father was the Lord Mayor of the City of Talgarth when Vyanthal seized power back in the year 4153 – 37 years ago.  He was assassinated along with the Queen and her family during the coup.  Arrydor whisked Jyulia and myself away to safety as very young children, and brought us to live in exile in Castle Penmaryll under the care of King Tyijar.  Once we came of age, Jyulia and I married, and have lived in this remote cabin ever since under the guise of peasants, at the very edge of the kingdom.  We pledge our loyalty and devotion to the Kingdom of Talgar, and to Arrydor – and now to you as well, Jonathan – as the one legitimate and future King of the Kingdom of Talgar,” finished Thomar, and both he and Jyulia bowed and curtsied respectfully to Jonathan, who shyly returned their courtesy with a bow of his own.

“That’s enough background for now, Jonathan, as we should all get some sleep.  There’s much work to be done and decisions to be made in the light of morning tomorrow,” said Jyulia, and with that, they all settled in for the night.


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