Jonathan’s Return (An Adventure Novel) – Book Two, Chapter Seven, Part Six

Jonathan’s Return (An Adventure Novel)

(Copyright 1984, Mark D. Jones, All Rights Reserved)

Book Two, Chapter Seven, Part Six


Everyone enjoyed their meals as the fire slowly burned down in the fireplace, and once everyone had pitched in to clear the dishes and put the cottage back in order, it was an opportunity for questions to be asked as to how Jonathan and Sammy first came to Myllanthar and had since returned.  Jonathan felt right at home with Thomar and Jyulia, and their family, and for once in a very long time allowed himself to be at complete ease.  Sammy was feeling the same, while spending the evening chewing on bones from the meal with Tiyall beside the fireplace.

Thomar and Jyulia had heard Arrydor’s explanation of who Jonathan and Sammy were, and the events that had transpired that could possibly alter the future of the Kingdom of Talgar forever, but needed to hear directly from Jonathan himself as to his version of events.  During the course of the evening, Arrydor’s explanations were proven to have been correct, but there was little time then in the discussions with Arrydor to cover all the details, as there was now.  The nature of the lawlessness and unrest across Talgar meant that every stone needed to be overturned and understood, before Thomar and Jyulia were willing to bring Jonathan into their confidence, as so much as at stake – including Jonathan’s very life!

Even now, power interests across the kingdom were jockeying against each other to promote various interests, agendas and grudges – and if word had already spread about the dragon’s defeat – these struggles would become all-out battles.  There were many people maneuvering to rule and control Talgar, and few of them were pure and legitimate, with many underhanded and outside the law.  It seemed bloodshed was likely to be involved in such infighting, as few challengers had the best interests of the Kingdom of Talgar at heart – only their own.

So as Jonathan continued telling the stories of how he and Sammy arrived in Myllanthar, of his assistance from Gramps, the challenges he faced with Dijia who eventually became King of the Kingdom of Pengarth, his departure back to Ohio and the return he and Sammy made to encounter and defeat the beast – Thomar and Jyulia knowingly spoke to each other across the firelight with their eyes, as each piece of recent history was confirmed by Jonathan.  It was the first time in ages that Thomar and Jyulia allowed themselves to smile again, knowing that the future, their future, might now come true – not for themselves – but for the Kingdom of Talgar they loved, and hoped one day to serve.

As Jonathan finished up the stories of his adventures with Sammy and Trooper back on the Spencer Family Farm in Southern Ohio, Thomar and Jyulia nodded to each other in understanding, as they mutually came to the conclusion to bring Jonathan into their confidence about their backgrounds, and what the kingdom was now going through.  The fire had now died down to embers, and in the quiet of the night, Thomar listened carefully to the sounds of the Wood outside the cabin.  He needed to ensure nothing unusual was taking place outside the security of the fire’s glow within the cabin.  Just as Jonathan finished up his last story about the cellar of the farmhouse that led to their return to Myllanthar, everyone heard a branch snap outside, and Thomar quietly asked Jonathan to unsheathe his Light Sword…


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