Jonathan’s Return (An Adventure Novel) – Book Two, Chapter Six, Part Four

Jonathan’s Return (An Adventure Novel)

(Copyright 1984, Mark D. Jones, All Rights Reserved)

Book Two, Chapter Six, Part Four


The sound of the dragon’s hideous and bloodcurdling screech sent Jonathan and Sammy moving along the seawall’s outer narrow ledge as quickly as they could go, but it was like a slow-motion dream, while the creature’s speed was set in fast-forward.  Jonathan couldn’t believe it was coming down to this!  They were too vulnerable to react to the beast’s aggressive dash towards them, and there was little hope for their escape, but he remembered Dijia’s advice that ‘there’s always hope,’ and wished there was a reason to believe in it now…

Sammy didn’t need any encouragement once he heard the dragon’s cry, and was able to run along the narrow ledge as it was perfectly sized for him.  Jonathan was lagging behind, but noticed Sammy had literally disappeared a short ways ahead, and hoped he hadn’t fallen off the ledge into the sea.  Hurrying along as best as he could, Jonathan didn’t even bother looking behind him at the approaching beast, as there wasn’t anything he could do to avoid this pending disaster of being eaten by a dragon!  He heard a great splash as the creature flung itself into the water around the fortress’ seawall, and knew it was only seconds before it reached him.

The seawall gave way where Jonathan’s hand had been steadying himself against it to maintain his balance without falling into the sea, and next he fell into an opening in the wall!  It was actually a deep fracture in the wall a couple of feet wide, wide enough for Jonathan to move into it as deeply as he could wriggle into it.  Sammy was ahead of him in the opening, and had reached a point that looked like it was part of an interior corridor – but Jonathan couldn’t reach it – as the crack narrowed at one point and he couldn’t get his shoulders through!  All he could think of in the moment, was to draw out his Light Sword and make his last defense wedged about five feet into the narrow opening.

In that moment the entire seawall shook from what felt like a runaway train engine running into it, as the dragon threw itself against the wall with its full force!  The fissure Jonathan was wedged into began crumbling, as rocks and stone blocks dislodged and fell away with the force of the blow against the wall.  The dragon couldn’t get closer than a foot from Jonathan’s face with its claws, but its long tongue easily reached him, wrapping itself around his ankle and started to pull him out of the crack towards those terrible teeth!  All Jonathan could do in the tight space was to jab at the creature’s tongue with the flaming metal of his Light Sword as if on fire.

The beast let out a bloodcurdling howl, suddenly recoiling it’s tongue away from the sword and Jonathan’s ankle, causing Jonathan to slip lower into the opening of the seawall – closer yet to the monster seeking to do away with him!  Narrowly avoiding the dragon’s claws and scrambling back as best he could tighter into the crack, Jonathan was able to move deeper than before into the fissure because of additional rocks breaking free and crumbling away.  He reached the inner passageway and climbed down into the corridor as the dragon raged against the seawall, literally ripping away blocks of stone and rocks in an attempt to destroy the wall and get to the two intruders – but Sammy and Jonathan had escaped – for now…


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