Jonathan’s Return (An Adventure Novel) – Book Two, Chapter Four, Part Nine

Jonathan’s Return (An Adventure Novel)

(Copyright 1984, Mark D. Jones, All Rights Reserved)

Book Two, Chapter Four, Part Nine


“I like that plan, Gramps, because it gives Sammy and I a place to stay in the quarters within the seawall until we’re ready to face the dragon.  The narrow passageways allow us to move around and watch the beast while being unnoticed by it, giving me a chance to look for an opportunity to gain the upper hand.  Even if I find one, though, I still don’t know what I can do against such a creature…”

“Some things can’t be planned ahead of time, Jonathan,” replied Miylla, “Necessity creates its own opportunities.”

“That’s right, Lad,” added Arrydor, “You can only gain success based on what’s presented to you, for the situation will guide you in your choices.  Don’t underestimate the dragon though, as it is cunning and crafty like a fox – it may entice you to follow it or to show yourself – but do not be easily fooled.  You must bide your time until the circumstances are in your favor, and not a minute earlier.  Miylla will provide enough provisions for both of you to last for days, but you must first reach your safe zone in the seawall to give yourself a fighting chance.”

Jonathan finished his meal and noticed that Sammy had as well, so it was time they got started on the quest to fool and slay the dragon.  If only he didn’t have the nagging doubts inside that this was in fact a fool’s errand, and instead of fooling the beast, he was really only fooling himself.  “I’m ready to go, Gramps.  Thank you for providing the supplies for us, Miylla – can we take a look at the raft now?”

“Sure, Jonathan, let’s move to the riverbank and go over the provisions I’ve arranged for you and Sammy on your journey.  Our enchantments aren’t powerful enough to bring down the dragon, but we have used them to aid you in your quest.  I’ll explain everything to you over there by the raft beside the River Myuthall.”

Jonathan knelt down to give Sammy a big hug and a good rub down his neck and back.  He was concerned that something might happen to his best friend on this challenging task, but there was no other way, for they were both at great risk.  He also thought of his mother and father back on the Spencer Family Farm in Hampton, Ohio, knowing he might never see them again and wished they were home again.  It was then that he saw an image of his Myllanthar friends in his mind, and realized this quest was the only way to save them from the beast, and knew he had to do whatever it took to succeed against the dragon.  Standing up once again, Jonathan replied, “I’m ready Miylla and Gramps, let’s get started…”

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