Jonathan’s Return (An Adventure Novel) – Book Two, Chapter Four, Part Eight

Jonathan’s Return (An Adventure Novel)

(Copyright 1984, Mark D. Jones, All Rights Reserved)

Book Two, Chapter Four, Part Eight


Jonathan pondered Gramps’ words for a while, trying to decide whether he was making the right decision in deciding to hide underground in the passageways and tunnels of Skulvarr Fell.  His plan was to stall for time until he considered a way to fool and slay the beast, however, even he knew it was a very dangerous choice to make voluntarily.  Looking at Gramps he asked, “Are there less dangerous ways to confront the dragon, Gramps?  Ones that would ensure my success?  My fear is encountering it out in the open giving me nowhere to run and hide, for I still have no way of knowing how to complete my quest…”

Arrydor took his time responding, considering both the gravity of Jonathan’s quest and the undertaking he would begin this evening.  Having formulated his reply, Arrydor began by saying, “There is no better way, young Jonathan, for all paths leading from Myullar Wood are equally dangerous, and none ensures success.  I know of no way for you to slay the beast either, so your approach to bide your time until a way appears seems as sound as any other option.  Certainly, being caught out in the open by the dragon gives you few alternatives and even less time to act, so hiding in the tunnels of Skulvarr Fell while stalling for time is a logical approach.  However, my intention is for you to understand where you’re heading to, and what you may find there, for this is no time for overconfidence…”

“I realize I have few choices, Gramps, but Skulvarr Fell gives me the best options, as I don’t want to confront the dragon out in the open.  I do have one question though, could you stay nearby in case I need help?  The prophecy doesn’t say anything about others helping me, so it must be okay, shouldn’t it?”

“I understand your concerns, Jonathan, and rest assured I will always be watching over you during your travels.  But as I’ve already said, this is your quest alone, for I have no ability to fool and slay the beast either, yet the prophecy indicates you’re the one to accomplish this task.  I won’t be able to help or save you in your moment of encounter with the creature, but I will always be nearby to assist when and where I’m able.”

“Thanks, Gramps, I appreciate it.  One more thing before Sammy and I begin floating the River Myuthall tonight.  Is there anything else about the Fortress of Skulvarr Fell that might help me in my quest?  Are there weapons or anything that I could use if needed?”

“There is an armory that may be of assistance, Jonathan, just inside the entrance into the caverns on the right.  It has a gate of iron bars that could slow the beast if it is chasing you, but it will only slow the dragon for a moment – but a moment may be all you need.  The inside of the armory is empty, however a single, narrow passageway leads to the top of the outer seawall, which was designed for troops to man the battlements above, as well as narrow corridors, stairways and passages within the seawall leading to their quarters below.  My advice to you is to choose this route in order to increase your options, as you can come and go as you please in tight places where the dragon can’t follow…”


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