Jonathan’s Return (An Adventure Novel) – Book Two, Chapter Three, Part Seven

Jonathan’s Return (An Adventure Novel)

(Copyright 1984, Mark D. Jones, All Rights Reserved)

Book Two, Chapter Three, Part Seven


The image before him on parchment paper terrified young Jonathan, and he understood the enormity of the task ahead of him.  The dragon resembled a Komodo dragon or monitor lizard, with characteristics resembling both green iguanas and certain types of dinosaurs.  It was covered in heavy scales, with a flared dorsal fin and neck shields embedded with spikes, numerous defensive bumps, spikes and horns protruding along the sides of its back and behind its elbow joints, massively long sharp claws on its toes, and armored skin folds sagging around its torso.

Jonathan knew a lot about about animals and dinosaurs, as he read all the books he could find and check out from the library, but he had never seen anything as horrible as this appeared.  Even the illustrated dragons in his book about knights and castles recounting the lore of dragon encounters in Medieval days were nothing like this beast.  Worst of all, he was to set out on a quest to track, hunt, fool and slay this dragon by first taunting it into a blind rage – how was that to work…

Gramps had stated that this beast was as long as 20 men are tall, which placed it well over 100 feet long – longer than even the largest of dinosaurs!  Its tail made up half its length like a snake, covered in sharp spikes at the very tip.  It resembled a giant version of a dinosaur Jonathan had read about called a Megalania, a huge monitor lizard that lived ages ago in Australia that grew to well over 20 feet in length.  The dragon’s teeth were long and pronounced in its jaw like that of a Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur, while its skull was more streamlined like that of a monitor lizard with sharp, curving spikes protruding behind its eyes.

Jonathan shuddered at the sight of this beast, and Sammy picked up on his master’s fear with a soft whimper before burying his nose under his front paws.  Sammy hadn’t liked the idea of this adventure ever since they first discovered the narrow tunnel in the cellar of the Spence Family Farm’s historic farmhouse – and he certainly didn’t like the feelings he was picking up from Jonathan now.

The scales of the beast were the color of charcoal, tipped and edged in a deep blood red that highlighted its defensive ornamentation.  Its lizard-like shape was well adapted to the confining tunnels and passageways running deep underground, allowing it to not only run and climb very quickly, but to also swim efficiently in underground lakes and rivers.  The dragon’s flared fin protrusions along its dorsal spine and around its neck contained a series of spikes like spears, which seemed to be able to flare and fold at will – vastly increasing the size and shape of its appearance when confronting a foe.  There seemed to be no hope for Jonathan against such a foe…

As Jonathan sat in stunned silence staring at the image of this beast, Arrydor broke the stillness saying, “It is a formidable opponent, Master Jonathan, which explains the seriousness of the task before you.  This is why you must arm yourself with every tool available if you are to fool and slay the dragon.  Your only weapons are the courage, bravery and confidence of your heart, along with the rigorous training of your mind to outwit the beast – there is nothing else that will save you…”

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