Jonathan’s Return (An Adventure Novel) – Book Two, Chapter Two, Part Three

Jonathan’s Return (An Adventure Novel)

(Copyright 1984, Mark D. Jones, All Rights Reserved)

Book Two, Chapter Two, Part Three


After what seemed to be a very long time crawling on his hands and knees over the smooth, stone blocks lining the tunnel, Jonathan suddenly realized that Sammy had stopped in his tracks right in front of him.  Now what, thought Jonathan, have we ended up in the dragon’s lair after all?

“What is it, Sammy?  What’s the holdup, let me take a good look around in front of you to see what the matter is,” said Jonathan, as he maneuvered in the tight surrounds of the tunnel to get shoulder-to-shoulder with his trusted adventure companion for a clear view ahead.  It was a close fit, but when Jonathan held the Talspin in front of him for a good look in the light of its illumination, he realized the tunnel stopped completely – with nothing but empty, black space in front of them!  It was like looking through a window into thin air on an overcast night, without the light of the moon or stars to illuminate anything!

“Here’s what we’re going to do, Sammy,” said Jonathan as he formulated a plan in his mind.  “You move back behind me, and I’ll maneuver to the edge of the opening to see if I can see anything at all with the Talspin’s light.  He helped maneuver Sammy behind him so he himself could move to the center of the tunnel, and then slid forward on his belly until his head was sticking out into the dark void beyond the tunnel’s edge.  Jonathan had no idea of what to expect, but for all he knew they were at the edge of an abyss a thousand feet deep…

Grasping the Talspin in his hand, and very much aware that he mustn’t drop it by accident into the darkness never to retrieve it again, Jonathan inched the pendant to the edge of the opening while making sure the chain was secured in place around his neck.  He realized that losing the Talspin by accident would be their certain doom.

Jonathan had to let his eyes adjust to the pitch darkness in front of him, and then with the Talspin’s light held just over the edge, his eyes began to slowly focus on what was ahead of him in the darkness.  At first Jonathan couldn’t believe their luck – and no, it wasn’t a dragon’s lair that lay before them – but all-in-all, he knew exactly where they were, and for once, he allowed himself a confident smile!


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