Jonathan’s Return (An Adventure Novel) – Book Two, Chapter One, Part Nine

Jonathan’s Return (An Adventure Novel)

(Copyright 1984, Mark D. Jones, All Rights Reserved)

Book Two, Chapter One, Part Nine


Jonathan stared in disbelief at seeing the metal plate pop open from something as simple as a slight pressing inward on it.  His imagination ran wild with images of the possible treasures hidden behind it, with all sorts of pictures projected in great detail in his mind.  He carefully used the tips of his fingers to get between the open edge of the metal door and stone blocks, to pry it slowly open on its hinges – surprised at how heavy the door felt and how stiff its hinges were.

I doubt this door has ever been opened before, thought Jonathan from the difficulty and struggle he had to pry it open.  The weight and thickness of the door led him to believe it had been crafted much too sturdily for simply being set into the wall of the farmhouse’s foundation.  It was almost as if it had been fashioned by Medieval blacksmiths who had no other way of creating a door like this one, other than to cast it this thick in a primitive foundry.

After finally opening the door to the full extension of its hinges, Jonathan looked into what appeared to be a level tunnel of the same dimensions across and high as the door, about two foot square.  He could see from the initial opening, that the tunnel was lined in stone blocks of a different size and type than the stone blocks the farmhouse’s foundation had been constructed of.  The stones lining the tunnel were each about the size of a loaf of bread – all cut and fashioned into the same shape and size, fitting together in exacting precision to create a very smooth finish – almost like a castle wall.

Other than the types of stones used to line the tunnel with, there was little else Jonathan could see except for the pitch darkness lurking in the depths of the passageway, as there was no light at all coming from the tunnel.  Jonathan felt a draft as he peered into the opening, realizing that it was pulling air from the cellar into the hole created by the doorway.  Even though there was no wall safe behind the door – or key and map to a buried treasure – Jonathan was pleased and excited by his discovery, for he didn’t think anyone had ever opened this door before or peered into the depths of this passageway.

Consumed with curiosity as to what this tunnel was for, Jonathan stood on his tiptoes and tried to look deeper into the passageway, but to no avail – he couldn’t see anything.  Suddenly he had an idea, and lifted his hesitant pup into the opening of the tunnel, as Sammy fit perfectly into the two foot high clearance.  “It’s okay, Sammy, just go into the tunnel a short distance and see what’s in it – nothing will happen to you…”

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