Jonathan’s Return (An Adventure Novel) – Book Two, Chapter One, Part Eleven

Jonathan’s Return (An Adventure Novel)

(Copyright 1984, Mark D. Jones, All Rights Reserved)

Book Two, Chapter One, Part Eleven


Jonathan was dumbfounded by the position they found themselves in, having clearly not expected anything like this to happen, but happen it did.  His mind raced with the possibilities of what they might do next to extract themselves from this predicament, but as the leader of this adventure, he needed to reassure Sammy – and himself – that everything would be okay.

“Give me a moment to open the door and we’ll get out of this tunnel, Sammy,” explained Jonathan as calmly as possible, trying to put on a brave face in the total darkness.  After kicking on the door numerous times with his foot to no avail, he somehow managed to turn around in the tunnel and push against it with his hands, but the door didn’t budge.  Remembering that the door opened from a gentle push from the outside, Jonathan tried to find some attachment point to pull the door tighter and then release it, but to his shock and amazement he couldn’t feel a single point on the smooth inside surface that he could grab a hold of to pull it inwards with.  They were stuck!

Banging on the door to alert someone that they were trapped in the tunnel was of no use, as whatever Jonathan tried to do against the door only resulted in a low thudding sound, and nothing that anyone could hear outside the tunnel.  Even if his mother went looking for them in the cellar, chances were she’d take a glance and see they weren’t there and assume they’d run off to play in the cornfield despite being grounded.  They could wait forever to be rescued, and if rescue never came, they’d perish in the darkeness of the tunnel.

I have no intention of perishing in a dark tunnel, Jonathan thought to himself as he slowly turned around and made up his mind that they would keep going forwards until finding some way out of this hole in the ground.  “Here’s the plan, Sammy,” said Jonathan in the calmest voice he could muster.  “We’re trapped in this tunnel with no way out back into the cellar, so it’s up to us to find our own way out the other end. That’s the plan, to go forward until we reach daylight.  Any questions?”

Sammy’s expression looking back at the sound of Jonathan’s voice in the pitch darkness was more than doubtful, had Jonathan been able to see it.  Only then did Jonathan realize he didn’t have his backpack, any supplies or a flashlight, or even a single water bottle or a chocolate chip cookie to share between them.  If this was going to be an adventure, it would be one like they’d never taken before – or the shortest lived adventure ever in the grand scheme of things.

Yet there was always hope, for in that moment Jonathan perceived a faint bluish-white light begin to glow under his shirt – and realized he was still wearing the medallion and Talspin pendant Gramps had given him in Myllanthar!  “See, Sammy, there’s always hope – we have light!”

(The End of Book Two, Chapter One)


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