Jonathan’s Dream (An Adventure Novel) – Chapter Nine, Part Ten

Jonathan’s Dream (An Adventure Novel)

(Copyright 1984, Mark D. Jones, All Rights Reserved)

Chapter Nine, Part Ten


The shadowy figures in the distance appeared to be coming towards them along the Enlightened Way, so there was nothing for the company to do but wait as they approached.  The fact that the figures were following the same path indicated a knowledge of where they were and what they were doing – possibly the Myull making their appearance known for the first time to the group.

It was soon clear that five figures were approaching them from the shadows, and the company was prepared for the worst, not knowing what to expect here in The King’s Preserve.  “Whatever happens, do not draw your swords,” cautioned Dijia, knowing the unease everyone was feeling.  “We must remain non-confrontational here in the Wood, as any act of aggression will only be used against us.  All we can do is see what these strangers want with us…”

They watched as the five strangers slowly advanced, walking single-file along the trail, and it wasn’t long before they began to see who it was approaching them.  The first two appeared to be tall and thin, with a beauty that seemed almost transparent as if they were stepping out of a dream.  Their appearance was fair, and as natural as the Wood they traveled through, yet dressed in simple garments not seen in other realms – like some sort of magical, woodland fairies out of a storybook.

The first of the two woodland people appeared to be female, as she was shorter and of slight build.  The second was taller yet still thin with a more masculine build, but they both radiated a sparkling, vibrant beauty that seemed to be beyond human form – as if images of light – not of flesh and bones.  Jonathan had never set eyes on such beauty before, and even Sammy sensed something was happening that caused him to be tentative and subdued while being held in Jonathan’s arms.

The third figure was clearly that of a woman, dressed in a type of leather armor similar to what Siyall was wearing, while the fourth was clearly some type of military knight or officer, dressed in a manner for combat, yet carrying a regal status.  The fifth figure appeared to be an older man, dressed in robes with a hood covering his bearded face.  There appeared in all of their mannerisms no threat or ill will, so the company relaxed as the strangers came onto them, knowing the reason for their visit would soon be revealed to everyone.

Dijia, Siyth and Siyall remained on the path, spread slightly left to right across it, while Jonathan holding Sammy, and Rulyan stepped to the sides of the Enlightened Way to catch a better glimpse of those approaching through the Wood.  At about ten paces away the figures stopped, spreading out slightly left to right in order to address the company as the lead, female woodland person said, “My name is Miylla, I am of the Myull, of Myullar Wood.”  Motioning to her counterpart standing beside her she introduced him saying, “This is Sylth Llaylaan of Sylthar Wood, who like me, is of an enchanted nature derived from the essence of where we live.  Do not touch us, as we are not as you are.”

Miylla continued saying, “This is Juyall, of the Island of Ayall, a Light Bearer as four of you are.”  Stepping out from behind Juyall, the one dressed as a knight and the old man in the robe and hood came clearly into view.

“Captain Pallamar!” shouted Dijia with a burst that he was unable to contain, while at the same time Jonathan cried out, “Gramps!” – as Sammy leapt from Jonathan’s arms to run to his dear, old friend!

(End of Chapter Nine)

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