Jonathan’s Dream (An Adventure Novel) – Chapter Eight, Part Six

Jonathan’s Dream (An Adventure Novel)

(Copyright 1984, Mark D. Jones, All Rights Reserved)

Chapter Eight, Part Six


“It is our esteemed honor to accept your offer of assistance and hospitality, Siyall, for we will otherwise perish here in the Tregarrons,” replied Dijia gratefully.  It was in that moment that something caught Jonathan’s eye, a blur of movement – and looking up, he caught a glimpse of a raven launching itself from the cliff ledge high above them, and watched it disappear from view.

The movement didn’t escape Siyth’s notice either saying, “The rocks here have ears, so we all need to move to safer ground.  Please follow us, Dijia and Jonathan, and we’ll take you to a more secure location to plan our next moves.”

“One more thing – I forgot to introduce my dog, Sammy, to you,” interjected Jonathan.  “We always go on adventures together.”

“You’ve found yourself in a very dangerous adventure here, young Jonathan,” replied Ruylan.  “My advice is to pay close attention to everything we tell you, or this will be your very last adventure as well!  We went searching for you once the weather began setting in, and have brought with us two sets of snowshoes for your use.  I will carry Sammy over my shoulders so he doesn’t have to try to keep up with us in the deep snow.”

Siyth and Siyall led the way back across the mountain saddle, with Dijia and Jonathan behind them, and Ruylan following in trail carrying Sammy behind them – clearly keeping watch to ensure everyone’s safe passage after being exposed to prying eyes and ears out in the open.  They traveled most of the morning along steep mountain paths and high valleys, until at one point when they went around the spur of a rock formation revealing an opening between two distinctly different types of rock.  A third type of material, sandwiched between the two types of harder rock had crumbled away, creating a fault in the mountainside that over time had expanded into a narrow opening.

The opening was very tight, and after everyone removed their snowshoes, the men needed to carefully turn and narrow their shoulders while crouching lower, while Siyall, Dijia, Jonathan and Sammy had little problem going through the opening and into the darkened passage behind it.

Siyall took out from her pocket what appeared to be a large, cut, blue sapphire that she held in the open palm of her hand.  After a moment, and once everyone’s eyes adjusted to the darkness around them, the stone began to radiate a soft blue light, such that after a time they could see every feature of this tunnel running deep into the mountain before them.

“I have a similar light, Siyall – Gramps gave it to me to use in times of darkness.  He called it the Talspin,” mentioned Jonathan as he pulled his pendant out from under his clothing to allow it to hang freely in the open on its chain.

Siyall took a closer look at the Talspin and said, “This was a gift to Myllanthal from the Slejuv in the First Age, Jonathan, for it was the very first of its kind, found only here in the Land of the Slejuv.  There is a single vein of this Talspar rock that has been discovered deep under the Tregarrons, and we all use the light captured within it to travel underground.  In ancient times, this rock was molten, and as it cooled and hardened it captured the sunlight within it.”

“There is a second type of rock that is even more precious called the Talspan.  It is of the same substance, yet it was nighttime when it originally cooled and hardened, so it trapped the moonlight within it.  This stone is a very pale blue, ranging from nearly white, to a light blue, depending on the phase of the moon at the time. Talspan which formed under a full moon is nearly as powerful as the Talspar.”

“We will travel now under the mountain, Dijia and Jonathan, to a place of safety.  It is a distance to travel, but an easy journey.  Stay close behind us as we lead you, and do not venture left or right of the route we take.  There are many chambers under the mountain, yet some are not safe to travel.  I say this with great caution to you, for if you get lost under the mountain in the darkness, you will never see daylight again…”


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